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Top Schools in London

Whether you have children entering primary or secondary school, it can be difficult to find the best-fitting school. While there are many options to choose from in London, pinning down the best option for your child is essential. In order to determine the perfect fit, research is vital. When researching, you want to consider the environment and services that fit the needs of your child. Here are some tips to keep in mind. Contact us to learn more about flats london


Factors to Consider

Once you know the area you are living in, you will be able to determine what schools are open and available to you. Consider what you want your child to learn. Is there a subject matter they need more help in? Do they struggle with academics? Knowing the answer to these questions can better assist in the decision-making process. If you know how your child learns best and any challenges they may face, this can greatly assist.

If you want to keep your child busier, you will want to find a school that provides extracurricular activities. Whether it is an after-school program or sport, allowing for more opportunities to socialize will help your child adjust more.


Will Your Child Be Able to Attend Any School?

While you may live in a school’s catchment, it does not mean you will be granted admission. If you live within a school’s radius, your child is likely to be considered for admission more than those that are not, but it is not guaranteed. When a school is in popular demand, they are likely to have more applications than they can handle. Therefore, admissions can be 50/50. While priority goes to applicants whose siblings attend the school, if you recently moved into the area, this is likely not your case. When applying to a school, you must also show proof that you are living in the area stated. Proof can be shown through a tax letter, tenancy agreement, utility bill, etc. Admissions know how to catch fraudulent applications, so it is essential to stay honest. Applying to schools for your child can cause an abundance of anxiety. To ease the process, contact each school to get advice and a walk-through on admissions, including the application process.


Points of Focus

Some schools are known for offering a strong subject matter, especially private schools. If you want your child to learn more about literature or perhaps a second language as a part of the school’s curriculum, find the best fit. Most private schools also offer a religious aspect to their curriculum if you want your child to be exposed more to that type of environment.


School Scores

While test scores do not say everything about a school’s success, they can add an important aspect. Check out the school’s scores to get a better idea about how they operate.


Create a List

Knowing what you want prior to searching for a school to attend is imperative. While looking for a school that has high expectations, ensure the school has top staff, busy children, an engaging curriculum, and more.


Visit Schools

The best way to determine if a school is a good fit is by paying them a visit. Walk around the school get to view the classrooms, and observe staff teaching students. Attempt to schedule a visit with the head of the school to get a better idea of what the school has to offer.


Ask Questions

There is no such thing as asking too many questions when picking a school for your child. Prepare questions before calling or touring. Knowing how teachers are trained and supported can help understand how classrooms will be. Noting behavioral problems and asking how they are addressed is also essential. Whether you have one or ten questions, ensure you get them all answered, especially if they are tailored to your child.


Get to Know Other Children’s Experience

Chatting amongst other parents can help gain an unbiased opinion about a school. Of course, staff will be biased about the school, but parents won’t hesitate to talk. Get to know the parents’ perspective. Are they satisfied with the quality of education offered?


Making the Best Pick

Children are supposed to enjoy school. Most will be likely to become more engaged if they are at a school that fits their needs. While a big move to another country is difficult to process, it can be much more difficult for a child if they do not enjoy the school they go to. As mentioned, school is supposed to be a happy time in a child’s life; they should gladly soak up every aspect of it.


Top Primary Schools in London

According to London Pre-prep, here are the highest performing primary schools in London based on 2019 data. To be precise on how the schools received their rankings, they were measured by scores in writing, reading, and math.


  1. Hampden Gurney CofE in Westminster
  2. St. Anthony’s Catholic Primary School in West Ham
  3. St Anselm’s Catholic Primary School in Tooting
  4. St. Luke’s Church of England School in Hampstead and Kilburn
  5. Fox Primary School in Kensington
  6. Bousfield Primary School in South Kensington
  7. St. Mary’s CofE Primary School
  8. Mayflower Primary School
  9. Courtland School
  10. St. Stephen’s Primary School


Top Secondary Schools in London

Furthermore, for kids 11 to 18, finding the best secondary school in London is also essential. There are different schools to choose from. While some are open to all, some may need entrance exams to get into if they are selective. Here are some secondary schools to explore:


  1. Bentley Wood High School
  2. Bexley Grammar School
  3. Camden Schools for Girls
  4. Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School
  5. Dame Alice Owen’s School
  6. Fortismere School
  7. Grey Coat Hospital School
  8. Henrietta Barnett School
  9. Holland Park School
  10. Lady Margaret School


Living in London is an exciting experience for a family. However, change can also be scary. Exploring the best options for your child while keeping your options open is essential. Be confident in where you send your child to school. Keep in mind that the most important aspect is their enjoyment.

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