Weather to Expect in the UK – Preparing for Outings Every Season of the Year

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Weather in UK

London is an adventure, but even Londoners like to venture outside the city for holidays. While planning a journey around the UK, it is essential to be prepared for the unpredictable weather. People in the UK always talk about the weather because it can be fickle. Still, it is hard to ignore weather forecasting. While weather forecasting might be right sometimes, people rarely rely on it because it is wrong most of the time. A UK city may experience every type of weather in one day. Weather will change from rolling clouds to sunshine, drizzling rain, and thunderstorms within the same day. So, you have to expect all types of weather regardless of the season, but overall, you should be ready for rain. Here are the four seasons in the UK and the associated weather.



Spring is between late March and late May. It is mostly wet and mild, but things may get warmer. Generally, the temperature ranges between 5 degrees Celsius and 20 degrees Celsius. Winter kickbacks and warm weather close to that expected in the Sahara may occur, but you should not expect extreme weather in spring. May is usually the most settled month and a great time to tour the country.

April 2012 has remained the wettest April in UK’s records since 1910. Liscombe in Somerset had reported 273.8mm of rain by April 2021. The amount was around three times the average, which stands at 86.4mm. May was also colder than normal because of the polar air that hit the country. People witnessed a warm spell in the second half of the month and unsettled wetter weather, which remained throughout summer.

If you are planning your adventure around the UK in spring, remember to carry a good umbrella all the time to protect yourself from spontaneous showers. And because spring is the transition period between winter and summer, pack layered clothing. You will enjoy activities like hiking, nature walks, and climbing.



Summer is usually between June and August, and most days are mild or hot. The temperature ranges between 15 degrees Celsius and 30 degrees Celsius. Still, the temperature can go beyond 30 degrees Celsius and hit 35 degrees Celsius in some places such as Southern England. Summer days are long and unpredictable. Some summers will have low temperatures and a lot of rain.

The last five summers in the UK have been wet. There has been more rain than normal. It is usual for the rain to fall for 24 hours in a month worth of rain. Experts believe that the summer weather is a result of the jet stream behavior, which has been slipping further to the south inviting wet weather from the Atlantic.

If you are planning to tour the UK in summer, pack a summer scarf, trench coat, umbrella, flats, and sunglasses. Remember to pack many shirts, t-shirts, and a reusable water bottle. Some of the summer activities to try in this country are backpacking, kite-bugging, river swimming, trail running, and hiking.



Autumn is between September and November every year. Most days in this season are usually very warm, particularly at the start of the season. Sometimes, hot days may be witnessed in early September, meaning a longer summer period. The temperature ranges between 7 degrees Celsius and 19 degrees Celsius.

While the season is changeable, it is mostly picturesque. Leaves in New England will have the best color, and the “Indian Summer” is known to enhance them. Unfortunately, the weather originating from the southwestern side brings remnants of hurricanes from the Caribbean and the southeast USA. Winds with speeds as high as 60mph (100kph) and heavy rains are known to characterize the weather.

Autumn is the best season to wander around the UK. In September, you will avoid the extra crowds expected in school holidays and the peak tourist seasons. Furthermore, you will have a good chance to enjoy the mild weather and longer days than nights. However, you should be ready for train delays because of the leaves that cover tracks. Some train companies, particularly those in the south and southeastern part have timetables for the removal of leaves.

When preparing for autumn weather, pack khaki pants or jeans, t-shirts, blouses, sweatshirts, and a sweater. People living in the big cities prefer dressing stylishly in this season. You can try forest walks, visit deer parks, or go leaf hunting.



Winter is usually between December and March. In this season, the days are shorter than nights, and the temperatures are very low. The days can be cool, crisp, and bright. That means you will enjoy your stay in the country if you do not mind the low temperatures. The temperatures range between 0 degrees Celsius and 6 degrees Celsius, and they may vary from one region to the other. The coldest temperature ever was recorded on 30 December 1975 in Scotland, and it stood at -27.2 degrees Celsius.

Winters in North England and Scotland are colder and witness more snowfall than the areas in Southeast England. And as we have already shown, the temperature can fall below 0 degrees Celsius in Scotland. When coming to the UK in the winter months you have to pack warm clothing to keep you warm and reduce the chances of getting sick. Also, check the weather forecast after arriving to know what to expect.

Keep in mind that winter is also the wettest season in the UK, and it is marked by lows that bring rain from the Atlantic. The rain is usually enough to top up the watercourses and reservoirs after the prolonged summer dry spell. The speed of winds can be as high as 70mph (110kph), and heavy snow may bring the country to a halt. Trains and cars will not run, and schools will be closed.

Indoor entertainment centers and shopping centers are the order of this season. However, outdoor Christmas markets and a walk through one of the forests might be important in the dry spells. Pack wooly hats, gloves, and warm overcoats.


Every season in the UK has its difficulties. The best time to venture around the country is between April and early October. If your goal is to experience exciting weather, you can plan your getaway at any time. There are many outdoor and indoor activities to try.

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