At London Relocation, We Promise:

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To Truly Listen

We understand that we can’t advise you before we understand you, your relocation needs and objectives.

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To Be Straight Talkers

We’ll talk to you openly and honestly in your language and not in the jargon of our world, we’ll educate you on London and give you an orientation tour of the city to narrow down your choices and hone in on the best neighborhoods for your property search. We’ll provide you with honest feedback.

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To Make It Easy For You

We put in the hours and hard work so that you can focus on the myriad of other things that will be demanding your attention during your move to London.

Our Orientation Service

pre tour briefing


Your chance to explore different areas of the city that are most suitable for you and your family. A Pre-Tour Briefing for the entire family to fully understand not only your needs but perhaps even some of your fears about the moving process and moving to a new city.

comprehensive consultation


A comprehensive consultation with your partner to discuss their needs. The high rate of relocation failure being due to not validating and understanding the psychology behind an international relocation to London. We don’t make any decisions without the buy-in and approval of your spouse or partner. While we understand that time is often of the essence and perhaps your partner is unable to join you to choose a home in just one day, we want to be sure that our choices for your new home will be a resounding success for everyone in your family.

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I Understand Why Everyone is so happy with the service

Thank God for London Relocation. I highly recommend this relocation agency, They made moving to England so simple. These guys are worth their weight in Gold!

Sarah & James Accountants
Berry Brothers & Rudd

Customer Reviews Coma London Relocation

Extremely dedicated to their clients and go the extra mile for you

Choosing London Relocation proved to be the right decision from the start. From the first email and follow-up call, this company really delivers what they promise.

Theodora Sopko
Marketing Manager

Customer Reviews Coma London Relocation

We felt in good hands, and things went incredibly smoothly

We don’t know how we could have made it without this agency and their help, and we would most certainly recommend it to anyone wishing to relocate to England.

Juan Sanz and Olga Colombo
KPMG IT Services

Customer Reviews Coma London Relocation

I would highly recommend London Relocation!

Time management was impeccable and the chauffeur was reliable and invaluable. I am very happy with my place and I am all set up and ready to start my new job!

Joel McHale
Deutsche Bank

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