The Best Parks in London

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01 The Best Parks in London

Parks in London

Have you ever wondered why British people spend so much time in parks? It turns out that the famous saying “the best things in life are free” reigns true here in the United Kingdom. If you ask a Londoner what their perfect day may look like, odds are they might say they would love for a sunny day well spent in the park, ending the night with a drink at one of their favorite pubs. So, with that being said, what are some of the most famous parks in London and what makes them so amazing? Let’s dive into each of these questions below where we will name the top 6 most beautiful parks in London that are without a doubt worth a visit.


1. Regent’s Park

Regent’s Park, known as one of the Royal Parks of London

Regent’s Park, known as one of the Royal Parks of London, is located in north-west London just near the ZSL London Zoo. The sizeable, open space of this park has allowed it to become London’s largest outdoor sports area.


What makes this park unique?

In addition to Regent’s Park’s overall natural beauty, another factor that makes this specific park so unique is the large number of music and food festivals that are set up here during the summer months. Not to mention the Japanese Garden hidden deeper in the park where you will want to get lost in its beautiful winding paths and overhanging willows.


2. Greenwich Park

Greenwich Park is actually known to be the oldest of the Royal Parks. This park holds a scenic view of hills and oak trees and is also home to the Royal Observatory. You will often find this park filled with people on most weekends as it is the perfect place to sit and read or even have a picnic with your loved ones.


What makes this park unique?

Inside of this beautiful park grows Queen Elizabeth’s Oak, which has been around since the 12th century. It has been said that Queen Elizabeth the first often had picnics on this oak and now you can as well.


3. Victoria Park

Victoria Park, though seemingly named after the queen, is actually not on the list of one of London’s Royal Parks. This, however, does not make the park any less relevant to this list of beauties. Similar to Regent’s Park (mentioned above), Victoria Park is also known to host many different music and arts festivals. Victoria Park is also a wonderful place to ride your bike under the sun as well as a brilliant place to host small birthday parties or gatherings.


What makes this park unique?

Due to its large, open green space, Victoria Park is one of the largest and most visited parks in all of London.


4. Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath Park is notoriously known for its impeccable view of the London skyline. Many people also often refer to Hampstead Heath as one of the best as well as biggest open spaces in all of London, therefore, we would have to say it is definitely worth the visit. While you are there, you may as well also stop by Golders Hill Park as it is its own beautiful park that adjoins the western part of Hampstead Heath. This particular park contains a flower garden as well as a water garden with a beautiful bridge to overlook the entire thing. It is truly a sight to see for all Londoners and even tourists alike.


What makes this park unique?

There are many items that come to mind when listing what makes Hampstead Park as unique as it is. One of the top factors is the stone, also known as the Stone of Free Speech, that lies within the park. This is also known to be a rallying point when free speech is being challenged.


5. Hyde Park

Did you know that Hyde Park has been named one of the greatest city parks in the world? Located in the heart of London, Hye Park holds over 4,000 beautiful trees, meadows, gardens, and a large lake to top it all off. Whether you want to go for a stroll or go for a swim, or maybe even a quick horse ride through the park, Hyde Park truly has it all. Don’t forget to stop by at least one of the two lakeside restaurants to end your day, or perhaps even begin your day! Afterall, these restaurants serve everything from a full-course meal down to a simple cup of coffee made any way you want it. I mean, what more can you want? Is it any wonder Londoners spend so much time in these parks?


What makes this park unique?

One unique quality about this park is the ice-skating feature that becomes available during the winter months, specifically between November through January. In addition to this, Hyde Park is also home to a few monuments such as the Joy of Life fountain, Diana Memorial Fountain and well-known Achilles statue.


6. Battersea Park

What better way to top off this list of beautiful parks than with Battersea Park? This park is so beautiful and holds so many secret, and not-so-secret treasures making it a true favorite. With its art gallery, local zoo, aquariums, views, and more, what better place could you possibly spend your rare sunny day in London?


What makes this park unique?

As if what was previously mentioned above was not enough to grab your attention, Battersea Park is also home to the Buddhist London Peace Pagoda. Here, you will find four large sculptures of Buddhas that overlook the garden.


In addition to all of these unique factors, did you know that spending time in nature is actually proven to uplift moods and reduce stress? This is especially true when surrounded by greenery. While the beach can be calming, it simply does not compare to the calm one can feel when overlooking a beautiful, green park. Not to mention the fresh smell of trees, I mean, how can this not make you smile?

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