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Terms and Conditions

This website is the property of London Relocation Ltd, located at 96 Kensington High Street, London, W8 4SG. In using it you agree to the terms and conditions below. London Relocation is a limited company registered in England.


Our website covers the services carried out on behalf of tenants seeking rental properties in and around London.  You recognise you are solely responsible for the use you make of the information you take from this website.

The information we provide is generated by third parties. While we make every effort to ensure its accuracy and completeness, it is provided on a ‘best efforts’ basis so must be regarded as purely indicative. Accordingly, we and our partners, are unable to give guarantees of any sort for its accuracy nor accept responsibility for any errors, inaccuracies or omissions  Likewise, we explicitly confirm we cannot accept responsibility for consequential losses, however caused, due to reliance upon it. Website users should thus avoid taking any action that relies on this information or omitting any actions that could verify the basis of their renting decisions.

We reserve the right to modify content of this site in any way at any time without notice.

We are not authorised to give advice by the Financial Services Agency.  Accordingly, nothing on this sight must be understood as financial advice and/or inference of a financial relationship.

Copyright Notice

This website is the property of London Relocation Ltd. All content provided on the site is the property of London Relocation Ltd or its partners and is protected by copyrights and trademarks. The content may only be downloaded for personal (not business) use to your own computer.

Interruption of Access

London Relocation Ltd uses the public internet, and third party connectivity and storage to provide this website on a free-of-charge basis. Accordingly, it is impossible to guarantee both its continuous and instantaneous availability.  While we and our providers do everything possible to ensure the site is free of viruses, the user must take their own precautions to protect their own computer equipment. Accordingly, this site is made available to you ‘as is’, and without warranties of any kind.

Information relating to properties displayed on the website

A.     Property particulars do not constitute an offer or contract, partially or fully. Statements, oral or in writing, from London Relocation staff should not be relied upon as factually accurate about the property, its condition or its price. London Relocation does not have authority to make representations about the property, so any information given is entirely without responsibility on the part of our staff.

B.     Photographs and computer-generated images are intended to represent particular aspects of the property at the point they were produced. All dimensions, and ground and floor areas are estimates for guidance.

C.    Information on the website about a property is liable to be changed at any time.


There are links on this site connecting to servers that are owned and managed by 3rd party organisations or individuals. London Relocation does not monitor these servers and can in no circumstances make representation or provide warranties or endorsements regarding their performance or any aspect of the quality of their content.

Data Protection Act

London Relocation is registered under the Data Protection Act 1998. This obliges us to do everything possible to protecting the privacy of users and proprietary information of our partners.  Below is our Data Protection Statement: please read it before continuing your stay on our website.

We confirm that personal information submitted by visitors to this website is never transferred to third parties other than with their express permission and then only to carry out our duties to them as a client. As a visitor to this site, you are NOT required to provide personal information in order to make use of the site. All of our staff members are given thorough training on the company’s obligations under Data Protection legislation.

Any personal details you do give us, should you choose to register on the website, or any other information you have given to us will be shown to you following a written request to our registered company address.

Consumer Protection Act

London Relocation is cognisant of its obligation under the Consumer Protection Act 1987. Our staff members do everything possible to provide clients with any information of which they are aware that could support them in in making a free and informed decision on renting a property.  All of our staff members are given thorough training on the company’s obligations under Consumer Protection legislation.

Your Contact Details

Please note that you are not required to provide any personal information to use this website. However, if you provide your contact details (name, address, telephone/fax numbers and/or email address), they will only be used to provide any services which you have requested.

By entering your contact details you agree that we may use them to provide you with information about our services, either before or after becoming a client, or at any time in the future.  This information can be removed from our records at your request, once any contractual obligations between you and London Relocation have been met.

Legal Jurisdiction

All terms and conditions pertaining to the use of the London Relocation site are governed by the laws of England and Wales, and any dispute concerning its use will be determined by English Courts, exclusively.


If any part of these terms and conditions is found to be invalid, this does not invalidate the remaining parts.