Professionals Transferring to London?

Your job is your #1 priority. And finding you the perfect London apartment for rent is ours! London Relocation provides a comprehensive service for professionals relocating to London. We promise to make your relocation a pleasant and productive experience. And we guarantee placement in as little as 36 hours!

The London Relocation Process

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  • Brief Needs
  • View 18-25 flats
  • One day Model
  • Pick flat
  • Negotiate rent
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Move in!

  • Thats it!
  • 20 years doing this
  • Save tons of money
  • Save Time
  • 100% Guaranteed
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Settling-In Service

  • Bank account
  • Utilities, Wifi
  • Deliveries
  • Contractors
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Moving to London Info

We Make Sure:

  • We make Moving to London a snap!
  • Neighborhoods with professionals
  • Safe neighborhoods in London
  • Lifestyle for spouses & children

Things London Relocation Helps With

  • Company leases
  • Company clauses
  • Reduced rental costs
  • Pre-referencing – we handle it all
  • 36 hours from Contact to Keys …Guaranteed!

Questions To Ask Your Employer

If this is your first time living abroad and you’re getting excited about the opportunity of relocating to London, you’ll want to make sure that your employer provides the best possible expat relocation package. Here are some important questions you should ask your employer.

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Will the salary you’re offering as part of my relocation package cover the cost of living in London?

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Will you be able to help me with the cost of relocating to London? Do I get a house-hunting trip to the UK ahead of time with my partner/family to look for a home prior to starting the job? Are you expecting me to stay in a hotel or corporate housing until we choose a home?

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Will you pay for my visas and handle the submission and paperwork, or will I be expected to do this myself? Are you going to submit the paperwork on behalf of my spouse/partner?

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Moving Costs

If I have to keep items in storage, will you cover those costs? Do you have a limit on the amount you’re prepared to pay to ship my furniture and personal belongings to the UK? Will you pay all moving costs or just the Transatlantic cost of moving? Am I eligible for a repatriation bonus to help me get settled?

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Transportation Allowance

Do you have a transport allowance/scheme? (You’re going to want to ask this question! This could have a big impact on where you are able to live and how long it takes to get to work each day.)

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Do you have a good package to handle taxes of Americans moving to London? Can you recommend a good international tax attorney to handle the issue of double taxation?

Customer Reviews Coma London Relocation

I Understand Why Everyone is so happy with the service

Thank God for London Relocation. I highly recommend this relocation agency, They made relocating to England so simple. These guys are worth their weight in Gold!

Sarah & James Accountants
Berry Brothers & Rudd

Customer Reviews Coma London Relocation

Extremely dedicated to their clients and go the extra mile for you

Choosing London Relocation proved to be the right decision from the start. From the first email and follow-up call, this company really delivers what they promise.

Theodora Sopko
Marketing Manager

Customer Reviews Coma London Relocation

We felt in good hands, and things went incredibly smoothly

We don’t know how we could have made it without this agency and their help, and we would most certainly recommend it to anyone wishing to relocate to England.

Juan Sanz and Olga Colombo
KPMG IT Services

Customer Reviews Coma London Relocation

I would highly recommend London Relocation!

Time management was impeccable and the chauffeur was reliable and invaluable. I am very happy with my place and I am all set up and ready to start my new job!

Joel McHale
Deutsche Bank

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