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Professionals Transferring to London?

Your job is your #1 priority. And finding you the perfect London apartment for rent is ours! London Relocation provides a comprehensive service for professionals relocating to London. We promise to make your relocation a pleasant and productive experience. And we guarantee placement in as little as 36 hours!

The London Relocation Process

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  • Brief Needs
  • View 18-25 flats
  • One day Model
  • Pick flat
  • Negotiate rent
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Move in!

  • Thats it!
  • 20 years doing this
  • Save tons of money
  • Save Time
  • 100% Guaranteed
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    Settling-In Service

    • Bank account
    • Utilities, Wifi
    • Deliveries
    • Contractors

    Moving to London Info

    We Make Sure:

      • We make Moving to London a snap!
      • Neighborhoods with professionals
      • Safe neighborhoods in London
      • Lifestyle for spouses & children

      Things London Relocation Helps With

        • Company leases
        • Company clauses
        • Reduced rental costs
        • Pre-referencing – we handle it all
        • 36 hours from Contact to Keys …Guaranteed!

        Questions To Ask Your Employer

        If this is your first time living abroad and you’re getting excited about the opportunity of relocating to London, you’ll want to make sure that your employer provides the best possible expat relocation package. Here are some important questions you should ask your employer.

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        Will the salary you’re offering as part of my relocation package cover the cost of living in London?

        flat rentals london, london apartments rent


        Will you pay for my visas and handle the submission and paperwork, or will I be expected to do this myself? Are you going to submit the paperwork on behalf of my spouse/partner?

        flat rentals london, london relocation services


        Do you have a good package to handle taxes of Americans moving to London? Can you recommend a good international tax attorney to handle the issue of double taxation?

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        Transportation Allowance

        Do you have a transport allowance/scheme? (You’re going to want to ask this question! This could have a big impact on where you are able to live and how long it takes to get to work each day.)

        flat rentals london, relocation agent london

        Moving Costs

        If I have to keep items in storage, will you cover those costs? Do you have a limit on the amount you’re prepared to pay to ship my furniture and personal belongings to the UK? Will you pay all moving costs or just the Transatlantic cost of moving? Am I eligible for a repatriation bonus to help me get settled?

        london relocation services, london apartments for rent


        Will you be able to help me with the cost of relocating to London? Do I get a house-hunting trip to the UK ahead of time with my partner/family to look for a home prior to starting the job? Are you expecting me to stay in a hotel or corporate housing until we choose a home?

        Customer Reviews

        Isabelle McCormick, london relocation services, london apartments rent
        Isabelle McCormick
        London Relocation was wonderful during the stressful time of navigating the London housing market, especially, Corrina and Sascha. They listened to all concerns and answered every question no matter how big or small and helped to find a flat that was perfect. Not only did they help through the renting process but they both went out of their way to help sort out bills, council tax, etc. Without them moving to London would have felt impossible.
        Khairil Musa, london relocation services, flat rentals london
        Khairil Musa
        LR was incredibly helpful in finding me a flat within tight constraints and I was able to move in 2 weeks after arriving to London which I didn’t think would be possible. The entire team: Corrina, Mel and Sascha have been so wonderful to work with and looked after me from the very start and made this the least stressful move that I’ve ever experienced. Highly recommend their service!
        K T, london relocation services, find flat london
        K T
        I can not say enough about my GREAT experience with London relocation. They made the move from NY to London super smooth. The thorough intake call, the very thoughtful and substantive viewing day, and overall securing of a flat process could not have been smoother! So lucky to have had Corrina and Sascha helping me. Mel, the agent on the viewing day was AMAZING. She was fun, energetic, and made the whole experience feel good. She negotiated expertly on my behalf. Can’t say enough good things all around. If you are relocating to London, USE THEM. Don’t attempt to do it alone. Thank you all so much!
        Lindsay Le Grand, london relocation services, relocation agent london
        Lindsay Le Grand
        Corrina and Sascha were incredibly helpful finding my family and I our new home in London. My husband received a promotion that lead us to relocating from Atlanta to London in a little over two months, which with a job, a home, and a dog to organise prior to moving, finding a new place to live was a huge stressor. After my first consult call with Corrina I felt completely at ease that they'd be able to find us the perfect place to live, even with the added "pets allowed" requirement. We opted for a fully remote search, and it was nerve-racking not being able to see the properties in person, however Sascha and Corrina answered every little question we had throughout the process. We've been in our new flat for a few weeks now and couldn't be happier. It checks all the boxes, and our dog loves it too!
        Karyn Peterson, find flat london, london apartments for rent
        Karyn Peterson
        Couldn’t have done it without the help of the team at London Relocation. We were able to secure a flat for our daughter within a day and pain free! A big thanks to the whole team.
        Kidist Adamu, find flat london, london apartments rent
        Kidist Adamu
        Even though the services were out of my budget, the customer service was beyond great. After submitting the form, I received a prompt call within a few minutes. The agent I spoke to, Shanti, was so incredibly helpful and gave me a lot of advice to navigate the housing market as an international student.
        Meg Davis, find flat london, flat rentals london
        Meg Davis
        I moved to London to start a new university job with zero time for flat hunting. I really appreciated how LR took that and related tasks on. The London rental market is nuts and it helped to have these knowledgeable & responsive champions in my corner. Toasting them from my new balcony!
        Kim Queue, find flat london, london relocation services
        Kim Queue
        Mel/Sascha/Team were all very professional and efficient in finding me a place to live with my fur baby! They really put me at ease and gave real honest opinions on each of the places I've seen. Very glad to have used them coming from NYC!
        Kristin Lee, find flat london, relocation agent london
        Kristin Lee
        Wrapping up our time with the London Relocation team and it could not have been a better experience. From the get go, Sascha was super responsive to our initial inquiry, detailed, thorough and kind on our prelim and follow up calls, and on the viewing day Mel was amazing as well and such a great advocate for us when visiting the different units. We managed to secure the flat of our dreams and thanks to the help of the entire team who managed the go between with the leasing agent, the multi step process to rent was super smooth and clear. Never having rented in the UK before, my husband and I are certain that if left to our own devices, this would have been a challenging and painful experience and we're both so glad to have had the guidance from the entire London Relocation team the entire way through. We cannot recommend them enough to anyone and everyone, especially if you're new to renting in the UK.

        — Our Customers —

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        relocation agent london, london apartments rent
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