Living in London flatsmeans you will be surrounded by neighbors, whether you like it or not. You should have performed some research prior to moving into your flat, to ensure that the block of flats you reside in is not too hectic, or unfitting for your lifestyle. When you relocate, it is essential to meet new people through socializing at bars, restaurants and events in the city. However, if you are more concerned about getting along with your neighbors, then it is advisable to learn the importance and the ways of establishing a friendship with the people who live near you in London flats.

Befriending Neighbors Is Important To Enjoy Your Stay

Lots of people stray from investing in London flats, because they prefer to reside in a more peaceful, personal environment. Despite this, there will be times when this is the form of accommodation you require, whether it is due to a budget or for renting purposes. If you do not introduce yourself to neighbors, you may feel uncomfortable, should you ever come across them. Befriending those who live around you means you can trust they will respect your privacy and behave in an appropriate manner. The last thing you want when relocating to London flats is to deal with irresponsible, anti-social neighbors on a daily basis, so bear this in mind.

Post A Greeting Card Through Their Letterbox                            

A subtle way to introduce yourself to the neighbors in London flats is to post some kind of card through their letterbox. This shows you have made the effort to state your name and offer them the information that you will be their new neighbor. While you may get a reply from some people and not from others, you should not let this dampen your spirits. For those who do take action and come to build a relationship with you when living in London flats, you can work to construct a bond, which enables you to have connections when residing in this big city.

Ask Neighbors To Meet For Food Or A Social Drink

An alternative way to make friends in local flats is to actually approach some neighbors, by knocking on their door or speaking to them when passing in the street. This way, you can offer a more personal approach, so they will be more likely to get to know you. Ask them if they would like to accompany you to a music or comedy event in the city. Conversely, a quiet drink or a spot of lunch near your London flats is a great way to break the ice.

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By London Relocation | 14 Aug 2020 | ABOUT THE RELOCATION PROCESS