What to Do in London During the Holidays

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01 What to Do in London During the Holidays

London During the Holidays

With only a few months to the end year, we are closing into the holidays season. And the best of all is the Christmas holiday. It’s one time of the year when London becomes alive. From the bustling Christmas markets to ice skating, there is no other place you will rather be. Contact us to learn more about rent a flat in london

It’s a season complete with festivity. With gifts to buy and a Christmas tree to decorate, there are tons of things to do within a short period. But luckily, we’ve got a list of the best things to do in London during the Holidays for you.


Beautiful Christmas Light

Christmas Lights are one of the things that bring London to life. They set up the Christmas mood and warm the icy streets. At night, the streets glow from these lights creating a mesmerizing view. And it’s one of the reasons why people are out in the streets despite the chilly weather.

Almost all the streets at this time of the year are shining bright with a Christmas theme. With unique designs and different degrees of illumination, you just can’t get enough of the beautiful views. Speaking of getting enough, ensure you stop by Kew Gardens for a finale. While the streets are beautiful with Christmas lights, the Kew garden stands out with a breathtaking view.

While this royal garden is always beautiful year-round, on Christmas, it’s dazzling. It puts out a colorful show like no other. With over a million lights shining bright you can’t help but stare. It’s a magical place that makes this holiday complete.


Join Christmas Carol Choir

Besides celebration, gifts, and fine dining on this day, Christmas Carol is also a classic way of honoring this holiday. And of course, you can have your family choir at home, but it feels more special when you sing along with other choirs at Trafalgar Square.

Every year, more than 40 choirs sing this song in different tones attracting many people. Besides the merriment from the song, it’s also an act of charity since they raise money to help the needy.

On the same spot, you will enjoy two treats, the holiday carol and the magnificent Christmas tree at the square. It’s a stunning piece of Christmas tree that has come from Norway yearly since 1947. It’s not only for holiday celebration but also an appreciation for Britain’s help in World War II.


Christmas Auction

This is a long-lived tradition that resurfaces annually on Christmas. Found at Smithfield Meat Market, it marks this holiday as locals gather for a meat auction. This market is the country’s largest market for the meat and the oldest in London.

And in addition to cheering sounds as people bid, you could hear holiday carols swiftly in the background. It’s a cool place where we love to enjoy one of the city’s old traditions that’s on each year. But we are hoping that this pandemic doesn’t force the closure of this year’s Christmas auction.


Ice Skating

There are many classical celebrations for the Christmas holiday in London and Ice Skating is one of them. With a backdrop of historical attractions, it doesn’t get better than this. You can visit the Natural History Museum for an amazing ice skating session. But it’s not the only place that offers this exciting activity. Hampton Court, Somerset House, and Canary Wharf are other places where you can skate.


Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland is a must-visit place that happens to be everyone’s tradition here in the city each year. It’s a Christmas-themed park with lots of fun activities that will spike up your adrenaline. Starting in the middle of November to January, there is no way you can just miss this place. From Ice skating and ice kingdom to Christmas circus and fairground rides, there are exciting things to explore.


Christmas Film

On this holiday, you can either enjoy a Christmas cinema with a hot tea at home or stop by the cinema. The best places to watch a Christmas film are Skylight Cinema and Luna Drive-in as a modern option. However, they all show classic films such as Love Actually, and Home Alone. There are old favorite cinemas to visit like One Aldwych and Prince Charles with entertaining Christmas films.


Charles Dickens Museum

How well do you know UK’s Christmas? Well, a stop at Charles Dickens Museum will get you informed. Home to a popular Social Critic and Victorian author, you can have a glimpse of the captivating yuletide traditions. There are Christmas carol discoveries, performances, and ghost Christmas stories.


Christmas Market

Are you gifting somebody this holiday season? Well, the Christmas market happens to be one of the best places to go shopping in the city. It has a vast range of items to buy, which is enough to give you an idea of what to buy. When the holiday is almost, you will notice these markets popping up across the city.


New Year Fireworks, Riverfront

While you are lost in the Christmas frenzies, don’t forget about what the New-year has in store for us. The spectacular view of the fireworks after the countdown is the last thing anyone can miss in the city. Unfortunately, finding the riverfront tickets doesn’t come easy. More often they are sold out. Luckily, we’ve reminded you earlier to grab one on time.

But if you miss the ticket, there is still hope. We have a great spot at Primrose Hill with a complete view of the fireworks. Many locals know of this spot and it’s the last resort when you miss the world-class view of the fireworks at the riverfront.


What’s your holiday plan in London? With the above things to do in London during the holidays, you will have a blast this Christmas. And in the meantime, don’t forget to get the New-year’s riverfront tickets before they sell out. So, plan early and have a great moment this Christmas. And we are hoping that the pandemic doesn’t ruin some of the exciting activities.

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