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01 How to Date in London

Date in London

When it comes to the subject of dating, it can be difficult whether you are in an unfamiliar city or not. With that being said, are you new to the wonderful city that is London? Are you finding it difficult to even find where to begin when it comes to dating? Not to worry, for in this article, we will be discussing the insider’s guide on how to meet new people as well as where to go and even a few simple date ideas to get you started. Contact us to learn more about london flat to rent


1. How to meet people

When it comes to how to meet people, it might be safe to say that old traditions are dead. This, however, should not be confused with proper manners and chivalry. Chivalry is not dead, despite what many people would often believe. With that being said, if you are expecting to bump into a lovely gal or fellow at your local pub, we definitely do not want to say, “Keep dreaming” but if you want more luck in the dating game, it would be best to keep up with the times and move on to options such as dating apps.

This brings us to the commonly asked question: which dating app is best to use in London? The simple answer: is Bumble. Yes, the app where the woman is asked to make the first move. While this may sound like an imposition at times, which is absolutely understandable, it still beats the previously used app that is Tinder. It is also important to keep in mind to not be discouraged when you are not finding what you are looking for, or worse when you run into an ex on the street.


2. Where to go or not to go on a date

First things first, we absolutely have to mention a specific restaurant that comes up on everyone’s Google search when looking for a romantic restaurant. This particular restaurant, which has been given the title of “one of the most romantic restaurants in London” is named Clos Maggiore located directly in Covent Garden. Now, let’s make it certain that yes this restaurant is without a doubt a beauty and serves great food, it would be better on your part to simply avoid the cliché, as well as the extremely expensive bill. However, a simple stroll through Covent Garden would be romantic within itself, without the need of the fancy and expensive restaurant. While on the topic of where not to go on dates in London, it would be a missed opportunity, not to mention All Bar One. If you happen to be invited to this chain, we do not mean to say run the opposite way, but for lack of better words, yes, run the opposite way.

Now you may be thinking, well, then where can I go on a date in the city? London is known to have a variety of many different art galleries and museums. Therefore, it would not be such a bad idea to take your date out to explore one of these art galleries, if you both have the slightest interest in art, that is. Or perhaps you are an old soul and love the idea of taking your date out to the cinema and having a nice dinner, this one never gets old. However, if you are looking for a new way to explore this option, consider taking your date to the Backyard Cinema. Afterwards, you can enjoy a nice dinner at Aqua Shard, which is known for its exceptional food and drink menu as well as one of the best high-top views overlooking the city of London. Lastly, consider a nice picnic in one of London’s many parks. Create your own picnic basket from Borough Market and set your sights on your favorite local London park.


3. A few more uncommon date ideas

Now that you have a better understanding of where not to go on a date in London, let’s dive back into a few more uncommon date ideas that are sure to make you stand out as well as impress your date.


Consider touring London’s Secret Gardens

These secret gardens include the Inner Temple Garden, St. George’s Garden, The Phoenix Garden, and plenty more, in fact, too many to name if we are being honest. In addition to a lovely stroll through the gardens, you can also stop for a quick cup of coffee and continue your journey into a local park. After all, London has such a large variety of scenic and outdoor activities, so why not take advantage of them?


Make Magic Cocktails

Yes, you read that correctly. Take your date out to The Cauldron, where you can both enjoy some peculiar but fun cocktails.


Explore the Dalston Jazz Bar

Do you have an interest in Jazz? Well, then, you would absolutely adore the Dalston Jazz Bar. While on the topic of uncommon things to do on a date, Dalston Jazz Bar can help you achieve quite a few out of the ordinary activities. For instance, you and your date can enjoy a nice selection of frog legs while enjoying the live jazz music. Not to mention the fact that the music is a playlist of some of the most beloved jazz hits throughout history. Therefore, this unique bar is definitely worth a try for perhaps the second or third date.


Of course, there is always plenty to do and explore in London, so these are just a few simple – and albeit strange – dating tips to try out. With that being said, it is important to keep in mind that everyone’s idea of the perfect date ranges from person to person. Therefore, if you still find yourself struggling with the dating game, you are not alone. It is all a matter of putting yourself out there. If anything, you were able to explore a few of London’s unique sights.

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