London Zoo: Your Ultimate Guide


Updated 07 March 2024

The London Zoo, nestled in the verdant expanses of Regents Park and easily accessible by multiple Tube stations, is not just another item on the tourist checklist; it’s an ever-changing tapestry of natural wonders, open all year round (except Christmas Day). Whether it’s your first visit or you’re a regular, each trip to the zoo promises new discoveries as the seasons and animal behaviors evolve. Here’s what you need to know to make the most of your visit.

Must-See Attractions at the London Zoo

The Indoor Rainforest

Step into England’s only indoor rainforest, a haven for hundreds of species thriving together. The Rainforest at Night exhibit adds a thrilling twist, enveloping you in the sounds of nocturnal life—a truly immersive encounter with nature.

Penguin Beach

The recent addition of Penguin Beach boasts the largest penguin pool in England. Witness these playful creatures dive and dine, offering a glimpse into their aquatic life.

Butterfly Paradise

Since its 2006 debut, Butterfly Paradise has captivated visitors with its dedication to butterfly and moth conservation. This vibrant exhibit takes you through every stage of a butterfly’s life cycle, surrounded by species from around the globe.


Dive into the aquatic world across three halls at the London Zoo Aquarium. From the mesmerizing seahorse breeding program to a plethora of sea creatures, the focus on conservation is both educational and enchanting.


Experiences Not to Miss

Junior Zookeepers for a Day

A dream come true for animal-loving kids (11-15 years), this 3.5-hour adventure offers close encounters with the zoo’s inhabitants, under the guidance of a real zookeeper. Participants receive free entry, morning refreshments, exclusive merchandise, and more.

Meet the Meerkats

Step inside the meerkat enclosure for a personal encounter with these curious creatures. Limited to small groups, this 20-minute experience is both intimate and informative, providing a unique opportunity to feed and learn about meerkats.

Feed the Gorillas

Get up close with the gorillas in a controlled, safe environment. Under expert supervision, learn about these fascinating primates and their conservation while enjoying a once-in-a-lifetime feeding experience. Note: Direct contact is not permitted, and safety measures are strictly followed.

Meet the Penguins

Join our Humboldt penguins at Penguin Beach, the largest penguin pool in England. This exclusive behind-the-scenes visit allows you to meet these charismatic birds up close. Remember, while you won’t be feeding them due to their special diet, the interaction is unforgettable. Footwear advice: Closed-toe shoes are recommended for safety.

Plan Your Visit

Whether you’re drawn to the majesty of gorillas, the elegance of butterflies, or the charm of penguins, the London Zoo offers a multitude of experiences that bring you closer to the natural world. Each visit supports the zoo’s ongoing conservation efforts, making your experience not just enjoyable but meaningful.

We invite you to explore, learn, and be inspired by the wonders of wildlife. And if you’re considering making London your home or are looking for the perfect flat nearby, we’re here to help. Contact us for more information on living near one of London’s most treasured attractions.

FAQ: Discovering the London Zoo

Is London Zoo worth going to?

Absolutely, the London Zoo is worth visiting. It offers a unique blend of educational experiences, conservation efforts, and close encounters with a wide variety of animals. Each visit supports the zoo’s mission to promote biodiversity and animal welfare.

Why is London Zoo so famous?

London Zoo is renowned for being the world’s oldest scientific zoo, opening in 1828. It’s famous for its historic architecture, significant contributions to conservation science, and its role in introducing numerous species to the public. The zoo has been a pioneer in animal care and exhibit design, making it a model for zoos worldwide.

Why is the London Zoo so expensive?

The cost of tickets to London Zoo reflects the high standards of animal care and welfare, the ongoing conservation work both locally and globally, and the maintenance of the zoo’s facilities. Revenue from ticket sales is crucial for supporting these activities, and contributing to the zoo’s mission to conserve wildlife.

Is London Zoo one of the biggest?

While London Zoo is not the largest by size or the number of species, it is one of the most influential and historically significant zoos in the world. It houses a diverse collection of animals and is renowned for its innovative approaches to animal care, conservation, and public education.

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