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London Students

London is a cluster of districts, each with a unique feel to it, and each serves as a hub for a community. It is easy to fit in and find your place there. Contact us to learn more about london flat for rent

There are 43 universities in London, some of which – like Oxford and Cambridge – are famous all over the world.

Arts, culture, and innovation flourish across the busy streets with more power than Themes herself.

And, lastly, London is the perfect place to chill with a calming pint in one of its 7,000 pubs.

If this isn’t the perfect place to learn, grow, and discover new opportunities, what is?

Sadly, not all is gold that glitters. Sure, being a Londoner has its benefits, but the title also comes with certain obligations.

In addition, London has been ranked as the top city for students and, frankly, there is no wonder here. It does seem like a dream come true for the young and creative, does it not?

Money, money, money…

Are there opportunities in London? Hell yeah, it is, after all, a major center of the world’s trade and business. A lot of the Big Guys have offices and even headquarters here. The real question is – are these opportunities ripe for the picking?

Well, for starters, consider the following: as we said, there are 43 major units in London. All of them release job-hungry graduates year after year after year. We could say the competition is high, but that would be as much of an understatement as stating that Mount Everest is just big-ish.

Supply is higher than the demand in London’s job market. This means that the companies don’t have to battle for talent but can rather set their own rules of the game.

This brings us to a rather peculiar fact: London is only in third place in the graduate salaries league table. You will be earning 4,000 pounds less in London than you would in Liverpool.

Needless to say, you will also be spending more on the lifestyle in the capital, which is more expensive. Rent alone can take up half of your earnings.

If you were looking for something that works perfectly from the get-go, London might not be your sweetheart city. That noted, if you are planning with a prosperous future in mind and you couldn’t care less about starting low to grow big through effort, the opportunities of the capital are irresistible.

Survival of the fittest

Yes, money is an issue for a student in a big city. But is it purely London’s fault? Are other cities a student paradise? Hell no. In fact, we dare you to show us a place where a student has enough money. We double dare you!

Sure, you can complain about how everything is really expensive here and become a fossil in your flat watching Netflix because you are – and that’s a quote – too poor to go out, or you can get a grip of yourself and think of a solution.

And solutions, our dear friends, is what London is all about!

Keep your eyes open for offers and deals. There are a lot of discounts you can get for simple stuff like signing up for the cinema. Your oyster card is also a handy helper. Plus, there are coupons, social media-sponsored events, and stuff like that. Keep track of your spending and only go out when there is something capable of dropping the price down in your pocket, and you’ll be fine.

Part of the district, part of the crew

We’ve mentioned that there are a lot of spirits hidden in the streets of London. Each one is unique and beautiful in a way, but it definitely takes the right person to mention the pearl of an oyster.

Think of it like this – London is a massive ant house with 10 Million busy ants hustling and minding their own business. Can you really expect all of them to notice you?

But, if you narrow your numbers to a couple of dozens, you will get a chance to stand out. Luckily, London is the perfect place for that as every area of the town is like a tribe – warm to its members and hostile to the outside world.

If you’ve planned your relocation wisely, you know exactly where you wish to live, and you are certainly aware of the tribe that will be welcoming you from day 1.

Is London even worth the hustle?

Ok, we’ve made it sound like London is a really tough place for a student to be. We’ve only done so, however, because it is the truth. If you are not ready for the challenge – please consider a smaller town for relocation.

But if you have confidence in your own strengths and capabilities, if you are fine with waiting and working to get results, a completely new world will be open to you, full of breathtaking joys, adventures, and fun.

Just think about it – you will be living in one of the centers of the entire world. A city that’s good enough for the Queen herself should work out fine for you as well.

London never sleeps. If you feel like sushi at 4 o’clock in the morning – you’ll get it. If you feel like riding a bike across a park filled with fascinating wildlife – you can. If you would like to see some of mankind’s greatest achievements or jaw-dropping art – there is no place like museum-filled London.

Oh, and brunch is a thing. What else do you need?

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