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London Relocation Accommodation

So, you’ve just decided to make an international relocation to London! Awesome! Now what?! If you’re undergoing the international relocation process, you surely know by now that it’s one thing to decide to move and quite another to carry it out. The most obvious obstacle is procuring your UK visa, which goes hand-in-hand with finding a job in London or enrolling in a study abroad program. If you don’t accomplish that step, you’re not going anywhere. Contact us to learn more about flat in london for rent

However, when you do, the list of additional logistics then unfurls before you and starts to look like Santa’s miles-long list of good little boys and girls. Well, you’re trying to move to the British Isles, not the Island of Misfit Toys, so it’s not as easy as drifting over on an iceberg (not that that sounds very simple either…and by the way, how do you like my lame attempt to incorporate Christmas now that ’tis the season?). You’ve got to figure out your timing and be as strategic as possible with it. Unless, of course, money and time are not an issue and you can take off and jet over to London whenever you feel like it, staying where you want and when you want (in which case, I think I might hate you ;)).

What I’m talking about (finally getting around to it) is deciding whether you’ll be flying in advance of your official move to look for apartments or if you’ll be purchasing that single one-way ticket and winging it from there. My husband and I had done the latter and ended up living out of hotels for three weeks! Not a blast, let me tell ya. Either way, you can at least trust that your Relocation agent is going to show you all your viable property options in a single day, which saves gobs of time; it makes it entirely feasible to just wait, if you wish, to look for London apartments when you’ve actually moved over (just be sure to arrange for your international movers to deliver your belongings at a future date, otherwise they can’t do it without a UK address). It also makes it feasible for you to just plan a weekend trip if you’re opting to flat search in advance of your relocation—the London Relocation agency can get clients into their new apartment rental as soon as the day after an appointment, but they can also forecast out four to six weeks. So, that helps tremendously if time and money are not on your side, as it can be tough getting time off work (especially if you’re moving to London from the US, where average vacation time is much less than elsewhere in the world) and having to pay for days of accommodation.

I’ll follow up in a future post with a few places to check out if you’re in need of temporary accommodation during your relocation, whether just for a couple nights or a longer stay of one week or more. Just another thing to check off the list to make sure your movingĀ  experience is not naughty but nice!

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