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Finding a Job in London

London is filled with people in a rush. This beautiful city is big, noisy, and busy. To the visitor, it seems like no one ever sleeps. It is magical in its way, enticing and inviting while seeming surreal and an impossibility. It almost seems as if the streets are filled with streams of ants, dutifully marching off to their jobs or homes. Contact us to learn more about london property to rent

With so much frenzied activity, most people fall prey to two misconceptions.
The first is “Everybody is so busy. They must be going to their jobs. There must be tons of employment opportunities here. I won’t have a problem finding a job at all.”

It makes sense. If the people bustling around in such a rush weren’t going to work, where were they going in such a rush?

The second misconception is “How am I supposed to find a job here? It’s so busy. I’m sure all the good jobs are taken. I’ll never find anything in London.”

Well, the good news is that both of those misconceptions are just that, misconceptions. They aren’t true. Well, okay, so they aren’t completely true. Parts of them might be, but that’s okay. This blog post will help set the record straight and offer advice on how to find a job in London.

First of all, nothing is impossible in London, but that’s not to say everything isn’t a bit of a challenge. Finding the perfect job in any city can be quite an undertaking, and London is no different. There are high expectations for all candidates, and a great deal of competition for all well-paying jobs. So, how do you get the job you want? Well, read on.


Tip #1 – Who Are You?

While this might seem like a simple question to answer to an employer, it should take some thought. Certainly, you have an idea of the kind of job you want, but what makes you the perfect fit? Do you have the appropriate skill set to fill the role, or will there need to be additional training? Could you be overly qualified for the position? Knowing how you will impact the company and the job. You’ll want to make sure to stand out in the pile of CVs they are combing through.

Tip #2 – Where to Look for Work

Have you been checking the job pages in the Guardian? What about other press sources, freelance websites or even LinkedIn? Surely anyone with an Internet connection can check those sources, but what about other sources that are less convenient and require more legwork?

A lot of companies post job postings on their social media pages. Make sure to monitor their posting as you prepare your CV. Try to get a feel for their corporate culture and use it to your advantage during the interview.


Tip #3 – Stay Mobile

A lot of smaller companies appreciate applicants stopping by with a copy of their CV. They welcome the proactive approach and appreciate the motivation.


Tip #4 – Don’t Stop Applying

Certainly, there is great competition in London for the available jobs. The old adage that there is always someone smarter or better is the truth in this case. There are other people smarter and better than you so how do you become that person? Well, there are no limits to the number of applications you can have out there in the world. Even if you have had ten negative responses, all it takes is a single positive response, and you have the job.

Tip #5 – Networking

Have you heard about the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon? It’s the concept that every actor is just six movies away from having starred in a Kevin Bacon movie. Well, the same can be said for job searches. Every person you meet knows someone else. If you meet enough people, you can six degrees yourself right into the job you long to have.


Tip #6 – Work on Your Profiles

Social media matters now more than ever when hunting for a job. Your social media profiles can be a gateway to the world of job seeking. HR managers and recruiters are always scanning applicants’ social media pages to learn more about them. Make sure to spruce yours up and make your online presence both crisp and inviting.


Tip #7 – Do Something

While hunting for a job, you could branch out to do other things like volunteering. While it might not pay by way of money, you can meet new people and network. Not only that, but adding to your CV about volunteer experience can do wonders for those employers looking to differentiate applicants from one another.

Tip #8 – Get Professional Help

There are hundreds of placement apartment rental agencies in London. The only way they get paid is to place people in jobs successfully. Also, the network we talked about above? They already have it put together and can use it to your benefit.


Tip #9 – Start Working

While it might sound odd, starting working before you get the dream job can be a benefit. If you have a skill set that warrants it, why not try freelance work in your field? It could lead to full-time employment if you impress them enough. Think of it as another way to continue to build your portfolio.


Tip #10 – Go Online

It might seem obvious, but many people don’t use the Internet to their advantage. There are always opportunities listed online. Dozens of sites list jobs and how to contact the employers. Whether your field is specialized or you are just looking for a labor job, they are all listed and waiting for your application.
If you keep with it and don’t give up, you can find the job of your dreams. Keep searching. Keep applying. It’ll happen. Just keep putting in the work and continue applying. The job you are looking for is out there waiting for you.

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