Living in London – The Big Move Made Easy

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Living in London

Continuing on from the earlier post of things to plan for when moving to London, here are a few more things to bear in mind. This is in no particular order of relevance or importance. First off, check the kind of electrical supply in use at your new destination as well as norms for wall sockets and the like. And yes, it does sound fairly trivial until your laptop runs out of power, and you have to hunt around for an adaptor so that you can charge it up. If you do a lot of your work from your laptop or any other kind of device, then this one goes right to the top of your list. Hospitals and other related medical services – big one this. Emergencies can rear their ugly heads at any time. If the situation should arise, you want to be prepared. Find out where the nearest hospital is to the place you’re moving.  Find out about things like a family GP or dentist in advance. As a general rule of thumb, if you can plan ahead in advance for something, do so. It will make your move that much smoother and clear your plate of unnecessary worries. To rent flat in london, contact us today!

I gave schools a pretty cursory overview in the previous section. If you do have kids, it won’t be enough to find a school where they continue where they left off. Also, make the effort to see that whichever school they’ll be attending has a curriculum and educational standards equal to their old school. And lastly, do you have any friends or know anyone who knows anyone who’s already done what you’re about to embark on? See if you can get in contact with them and ask them about any issues they may have faced in moving. No doubt, they’ll have encountered a wealth of problems in the transition and their experience can only be to your benefit. Moving to London can be the biggest adventure you embark on in your life. With a little forward planning and research, it will go smoothly. You’ll be settled into your new London rental and enjoying the city as a Londoner in no time at all.

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