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There are not many men usually want from their wardrobe, especially during the cold month of winter. But who said that warm clothes can’t be fashionable? Contact us to learn more about london flat to rent

Not this year’s fashion trends, that’s for sure. If anything, they prove that you can be warm, cozy, and glamorous even when it’s brass monkeys outside.

1. Long puffer jackets

You can’t be cold when your puffer jacket covers you from head to toe, right? And if you’ve been to any show on this year’s Fashion Week or seen the look Ezra Miller was rocking at the premiere of Fantastic Beasts 2, you know that’s the look you should be going for.

Ok, Ezra’s stunning style may be a bit too theatrical for your run-in-the-mill ride on the Tube, but the more “usual” black, red, and green longline puffers are the way to go this season.

2. Massive scarves

Kent & Curwen, Bobby Abley, and E Tautz have shown a great focus on scarves as accessories of choice. This year, they tend to be wild, overblown, heavy, and long – like something you’ve come to expect Harry Potter characters to wear during the winter (but even bigger).

Some of these larger than life scarves are quipped with balaclavas or are designed to b wrapped around the head. I don’t think you can get any warmer and cozier during the winter than with these bad boys wrapped around your head.

3. Oversized trench coats

Massive trench coats have been blasting into the spotlight since last season’s Burberry collection by Riccardo Tisci.

The classy London look has also stuck for winter, though the coats seem to have gotten even bigger and warmer thanks to cashmere.

An emphasis on bringing, neon stripes featured in many coats adds a playful flair to an otherwise conservative style and makes the overall look more cheerful.

4. Heavy leather

Speaking of trench coats, some of their heavy lather versions seem to have sparked a trend for hot, black, hellish looks.

Trousers, donkey jackets, and even corsetry all befit from a slick, polished look of leather that’s almost latex-like.

How do you know if you are rocking the right leather look? Is what you are wearing black, then you are on the right track. Yes, it is as simple as that.

5. Duffle coats

Duffle coats are back, back, back, baby!

Warm, cozy, toasty coats of boiled wool with enormous toggles and a comfy hood are all the rage this season.

Joining the oversized trend party, these bad boys are leaving enough room for a couple of sweaters underneath,, thus effectively ensuring that cold isn’t something you’ll be experiencing anytime soon.

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