Discovering Christmas Delights: Top Dining Spots in London

by | Dec 10, 2018 | London Food & Drink

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What truly lights up the holiday season, aside from the shimmering gifts? The answer, my festive friends, is the joy of savoring Christmas delights! Imagine all those heartwarming dishes that send us straight into a blissful food coma. But here’s the catch – those delicious meals don’t just magically appear; they come with a kitchen saga of their own. Picture this: hours of cooking followed by an avalanche of dishes. Not exactly the holiday spirit, is it?

Fear not, for London offers a magical solution: dining out! Yes, you can indeed skip the culinary marathon and head straight to the feast. Here’s a curated list of where to find the most delectable Christmas meals in London.

1. The Butler’s Wharf Chop House in Bermondsey

A haven for those craving a traditional Christmas feast with a side of London’s culinary culture. Expect to be greeted by oak-smoked salmon, roast Heron Farm turkey, and, of course, the classic Christmas pudding. All of this comes at a cozy price of £85, ensuring a festive experience that’s both indulgent and enlightening.

2. Sofitel London St. James

Step into a December dream at this 5-star hotel, where elegance meets enchantment. This year, they’re rolling out the ‘Enchanted Journey’ theme, turning dining into a fairy-tale experience. The three-course meal, complemented by a glass of champagne, starts at £49, promising a luxurious holiday feast without the royal expenses.

3. Leicester Square Kitchen

Who says Christmas dinner has to be traditional? For a vibrant twist, this spot offers a fusion of Mexican and Peruvian cuisine, perfect for sharing with friends. Dive into smoked paprika ribs and soft shell tacos for a festive celebration that’s anything but ordinary.

4. The Bluebird in Chelsea

Mixing classic charm with a dash of modern flair, The Bluebird serves up a holiday feast that’s both chic and satisfying. From roast turkey to Dorset crab, the menu is a gastronomic journey priced around £110. It’s the go-to for a stylish Christmas dinner that promises to be as memorable as the season itself.

5. Colony Grill Room at the Beaumont

For those who appreciate variety, the Colony Grill Room is a Christmas miracle. Their special holiday menu features everything from traditional roast turkey to exquisite puddings, proving that classic holiday dishes can still surprise and delight.

6. The Dean Street Townhouse in Soho

Picture this: a vibrant atmosphere where trendy vibes and delicious food meet for a Christmas gathering. Ideal for groups, this spot offers a feast for £100, featuring British classics and festive specials that ensure nobody leaves hungry.

So, where are you heading this Christmas? We’re eager to hear your picks and foodie adventures! Connect with us on Twitter and Facebook to share your festive Christmas delights and dining experiences. London’s culinary wonders await to make your holiday season unforgettable.

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