Finding Your Tribe in London


Tribe in London

While most people tend to think of London as a large city—and they wouldn’t be entirely wrong—it really is more than that. It’s a concept. The term city, in this case, stands for a method of unifying a huge cluster of smaller towns each with their own individual personalities and moods.

So where do you fit in?

Well, let’s find out.

It’s important to note that each town are vastly different from another and have their own unique heartbeat. They can be as contrasting as Siberia is to Belize.

Shall we begin?

East London

A wonderful combination of modern lifestyle within truly ancient architecture, make this community quite exclusive, modern, and quite niche. It is fast-aced and can be a bit stressful. If this isn’t for you then neither is East London.



Known as ‘Hipster Central’ Hoxton is home to a great many young and creative people many of whom work in the IT industry. There are various entertainment options between pubs to live music and fledging businesses to visit. While culturally this is a haven the cost of living is astronomical.



While this isn’t exactly a polar opposite to Hoxton, it is close. It costs much less to live here comparatively speaking and has much less of a hipster feel to it. It is geared more toward value comfort and less toward trendy night clubs and all-night parties.



A bit less expensive than Bow, Whitechapel has seen nearly exponential growth in recent decades. With modest accommodations and lower prices than many locales, this is an ideal place for young professionals and young families alike.

Northern London

Full of eclectic neighborhoods and wonderful people, northern London is not the cold place she has been made out to be.


Finsbury Park:

Rife with artists and a large Jewish community, this is a wonderful location for middle-class Londoners who are looking for reasonable prices for reasonable accommodations. There are plenty of quality shops and pubs and a whole of lovely beautiful areas to relax and spent time with.



This is a haven for students both from London and abroad. This has one of the youngest average ages of any neighborhood in London. This is the birthplace of punk rock and remains a bastion to The Sex Pistols mentality. While it is not for everyone, those who still feel the love for rock and alternative music, it can be a lovely place.



If someone was to reverse engineer Camden, that person would get Islington as a result. A luxurious area in the center of London inhabited by upper-class Londoners, celebrities, and TV stars. Yes, the rent here is rather expensive but could it be the other way around given the positioning, available commuting, a vast array of shops and entertainment



Very charming, this community has magic in the air and across the authentic streets and architecture. This is considered a wonderful location to raise a family with reasonable prices and wonderful spaces to explore. The only thing to consider is its distance from central London.


West London

West London can be rightfully called the gem of London. It is considered classy and luxurious and full of energetic and delightful people.



The bars and clubs of Soho are a wonderful treat for those who enjoy the faster pace of life. The bright neon signs and constant loud music pouring from clubs will bring you alive in a way you may have never known. While that may be intoxicating the prices are quite high so hold onto your wallet.



This is the calmer side of the West End, an urban area filled with class and sheik. The cost, as you may have imagined, is off the charts.

Marylebone is West end’s calmer brother. It is a calm, urban area that’s filled with class and sheik. I even feel like this is the only part of town that literally afforded to buy silence.


Notting Hill, Brook Garden, Holland Park, Kensington, Madia Vale, and Hammersmith:

Yes, I realize this is a multiple community section but thank you for being concerned. These neighborhoods are true-blue London encompassing lovely architecture and history and filled with people both creative and well to do. These neighborhoods are all reasonably priced if a bit on the high side but offer a community feel like no other in London.

One can walk down one street and be busy as an ant hill being built after the rain and then go two streets over to a ghost town where the streets are empty. These communities are some of the most diverse in London. There are flavors from all over the world just brimming on street corners and in food shops throughout these communities. There is always something remarkable to experience here. Between fly food sales, vast street festivals, vintage stores, and craft beer pubs, life has never tasted better.

While prices are still moderately expensive, the accommodations and the well-developed availability of public transportation is well worth it for most.


Acton, Ealing, and Chiswick:

These sprawling suburban paradises are heaven to those looking to raise families with lovely green space and room to spare. The streets are different than many communities in London in that they are filled with standalone houses each with a backyard and garden. The streets are also much wider in this area of London. Quiet, this community feels like home even to those who don’t all it home.

Each of these communities offers reasonable prices for all accommodations and great public transport options to allow ease of getting from point A to point B. This is considered to be one of the absolute best communities in which to start a family without falling too far out of touch with the pulse of London.

In Conclusion

While there are many different aspects of London which can be difficult to adjust to, in many ways it is simply a matter of finding your tribe and reveling in it.

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