How to Move  – Schools

The first issue that must be dealt with in regards to how to move with one’s family is schooling.  London, being one of the world’s largest cities, has many wonderful options for children of American expats.  Parents can choose from public, private, boarding and even schools just for American students. When choosing a school the length of stay in England and the age of the child should be the primary factors in making the decision.

How to Move  – Healthcare

In England healthcare is free to all legal residents, American expat families included.  Although it is free all family members must register with a primary care doctor upon arriving in the city.  Once a doctor is found every family member must go in person to the office to complete the process.  It is important for those relocating to factor in the time it will take to register with a doctor when trying to determine how to move to London and how much time it will take to settle in.

How to Move  – Housing

For an individual moving to a large city finding a small apartment is usually an easy ordeal.  When a family is moving, however, many other factors must be considered such as the safety of the neighborhood, the size of the home or apartment, its location in regards to schools and physical aspects like what floor it is on.  There is nothing worse than carrying a baby up four flights of stairs several times a day!  Before going house or apartment shopping those relocating should be very specific with their families needs when speaking to relocation agents.

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