Relocation to London – Thanksgiving in your New Home

November can be an oddly disconcerting month for Americans moving. If it’s your first thanksgiving away from home, it might feel strange that it isn’t a public holiday. The rest ofwill be getting up for work and merrily going about their day and you could be left feeling a little empty wondering where you can find a decent pecan pie and lamenting the fact that there isn’t a ‘big game’ on while you cook your turkey.

You’re going to have to start a little earlier than you normally might after your relocation to London, if you’re planning on having a big meal. Because it falls on a Thursday, and it is very definitely NOT a public holiday, you may want to wait and have it over the weekend following the big day back home. You will find though, with the number of Americans moving each year that you can get all of the ingredients for a proper Thanksgiving dinner quite easily.

You probably won’t find many themed decorations available in the shops around Thanksgiving time. The Christmas crush has already started in London so you’re going to have to make your own decorations (there is no shortage of fall foliage out there) and improvise.

Big Bird for Thanksgiving Dinner

Turkey is big in the UK over Christmas, so you’re not going to have any problem at all when you go out to find your bird for dinner. It probably won’t be as big as you’re used to but I’d get it early as there is often a shortage in the run up to Christmas. If you’re looking for stores that stock everything you need to make an authentic Thanksgiving dinner then check out Partridges, an online grocery store that has free delivery to many parts of London and knows just you feel about spending your first Thanksgiving in a foreign country after your relocation to London. They sell pumpkin pies, a large selection of turkeys and other American goodies that you’ll want for your Thanksgiving table. The deadline for Thanksgiving orders is 15 November so book early if you want to enjoy a great Pecan Pie after your relocation to London.

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