Autumn in London 2023


Autumn in London

So, you’ve realized the calendar is moving quickly this year. With COVID restrictions being lifted and autumn fast approaching what would any Londoner worth their salt do about it? That’s right, nothing. The summer ending isn’t really a big deal. The weather isn’t anything to write home about, and given the number of tourists in the city, there is less British spirit than usual on those sunny days. Contact us to learn more about london property rental

No, summer isn’t the glorious season the way it is in other countries. It’s more like a filler song between the hits found in spring and autumn.

Well, the good news is just a couple of months left before autumn rolls around again. The warm cocoa, thick sweaters, and reading curled up on the couch are just around the corner.

So, what’s the big deal about autumn in London?

It’s the spirit. They are committed to it.

While London remains vibrant and colorful every season, most of the color is manmade in the form of the neon of Soho and the lights of Trafalgar Square. Autumn infuses the beautiful red and yellows with the browns to make a truly beautiful collage of color.

With the weather changes, all of London can finally get out of the oversized scarves and other cold-weather clothing.
So, truly, what are the real benefits of autumn in London?

The Parks

It might sound simple, but it’s true. You could be a social media darling with the right photo. It would garner more interest from the total strangers trolling your social media accounts. So, how do you get the right photo? The answer is simpler than you might think. It’s photos of yellow leaves. A complete set with yellow leaves is the ultimate source of engagement on the web.

All joking aside, selfie fans will find more than enough opportunity to take pictures all over London. Something about the autumn season brings out London’s best.

  • Richmond Park is the perfect example. This massive park impressed me from the start. It is huge, recognized as the largest park among London’s Eight. It has enough room to spare and is home to more than 600 deer. The rutting season for deer is autumn. Perfect opportunity for some photos, wouldn’t you say?
  • Sky Garden allows you to enjoy every aspect of autumn except the unpredictable weather. How? Well, it’s inside, of course. No rain, wind, or noise to worry about, just the sights you’d wanted to see, which are available for visitors year around. If you snag tickets in the evenings, you will have an incredible treat. How? It offers some of the best sunset views in all of London.
  • The Kyoto Garden is the color of autumn in all its glory. The Japanese vibes help calm visitors and help them to find their inner peace. It truly has an unrivaled beauty. With beautiful views, artists find inspiration in the views. Let it awaken your inner artist, too.

Autumn Fun

So, how is autumn the most incredible season for Londoners? Well, for starters, it’s the season for entertainment. Three straight months of some of the best entertainment events London has to offer. It’s hard not to have fun with all of the concerts that happen in the fall. There are dozens of festivals, concerts, and shows. You’ll hear a great array of live music from every corner, from Ronnie Scott’s to Juno to St. Martin-in-the-fields, with everything from cutting-edge music to classical performances.

You’ll also come across one of the wonderful sub-cultures of London. So, what am I talking about? Well, street food of course. With the Great Big BBQ Fest and the London Brunch Fest beginning in September, watch out because you’ll likely be afflicted with gluttony. All I can say is enjoy it while it lasts.

Another thing even more significant than street food is brunch. There is a Hip Hop Brunch celebration and a Retro Bowling Brunch celebration.

There are a lot of other food celebrations in London too. All of them are worth checking out. Might have to loosen your belt by one or two notches if you hit them.

Here are some that are worth mentioning.

  • The Grid – is a Lollipop project that pioneers different types of entertainment, including a fictional journey toward saving the world from the malicious Al. While saving the world, you will be rewarded with cocktails.
  • The 17 HIX events are a great resource for events taking place in the fall. The guys from HIX offer great events that bring eating and drinking to another level. Be sure to grab the tickets when they go on sale because every event is always sold out. Between great food and great drinks in some of the best locations, these are not to be missed.
  • Another event not to be missed is the Official Camden Oktoberfest, which is always a yearly blast. Everything is from traditional German food and beer to some of the greatest live music performances. You’ll think you’ve been transported to Germany with all the hoopla associated with this event. The Dirty Old Bastards are the year’s headliners and are out of this world. Take a step away from London and experience this great tradition.
  • So, having two of these events on our calendar might seem a little ridiculous, but hey, it’s London. Deal with it. There is also The London Octoberfest. Yes, we have more than one, so what? How could we not with our foodie culture? Two whole weeks of great beer and yummy sausages. So, break out your accordion and lederhosen and come join the fun.

As you can see, it isn’t just the leaves turning color that brings this city alive. It’s the people and the events. Reach out to the resources listed and sign up for reminders and notifications so you don’t miss out on a single event. Enjoy the chaos and this great city.

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