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5 Best London Events

January is almost over but don’t expect it to go out quietly. Nor should you expect February to kick in without a bang. For flats for rent in london, contact us to learn more.

Vegan Nights

Healthy treats from more than 40 food vendors, master classes from coaches and fitness instructors, workout session tips, and guest appearances from Henry David Fitch, Serena Lee, and Ian Theasby seem like they are designed to end Veganuary with a bang!

What to expect from the event?

  • Literal tons of great food
  • Amazing live performances from London’s top DJs
  • Live shows
  • A warm feeling inside from knowing that a portion of your money spent here will go to saving animals

Planet Party

Speaking of events supporting a good cause, there’s the eco-friendly Planet Party coming up. The party is held by the combined efforts of Adaptive Capacity and Brainchild, two of London’s most prominent fighters for a better, greener life on the planet.

What to expect from the event?

  • Brainchild’s roster of impressive DJs includes Jossy Mitsu, and Ben Hauke
  • Video and painted art installations
  • Active games and mini-events on stage
  • More dancing than humanly possible without a truly renewable source of energy

Giant Steps Record Fair

A dream come true for all vinyl lovers out there, this fair will offer a sale of records from a carefully curated mix of the classics from vintage record stores and a whole load of newer releases.

What to expect from the event?

  • An earthshattering selection of great music
  • More music lovers per square inch than you could have imagined
  • A smashing party powered by the GIANT STEPS Sound System after the clock strikes 4 o’clock

Cate Blanchett on stage

“When We Have Sufficiently Tortured Each Other” is a new play by Martin Crimp with Cate Blanchett and Stephen Dillane playing the charismatic leads.

The play is loosely based on Samuel Richardson’s “Pamela” – a scandalous piece that went through a metric ton of edits because the adult themes it dwelled in were taboo back in the day.

That said, rape was as shocking and disgusting then as it is today. The only difference is that women nowadays have a voice and the opportunity to say no.

What to expect from the play?

  • A blood-chilling plot riddled with twists and violent, sexual scenes
  • A stellar performance from Stephen Dillane
  • Wild, unrivaled charisma of Cate Blanchett
  • An impressive supporting cast

Alan Partridge Bingo

If plain old bingo doesn’t cut it for you, how about a twist on the classics? Alan Partridge Bingo swaps the boring old numbers from the board and replaces them with famous characters and quotes Alan has portrayed throughout his impressive career.

Tickets start at 5.50 quid, but be prepared to cough up another £1 for every game – trust us on this one – you’ll want to play all of them!

What to expect from the event?

  • A fun night out playing bingo
  • More interactive games than you deemed possible
  • Peculiar, quirky prizes
  • An aching stomach from all the laughter

Bonus: Do you like these events but don’t have someone special to go with? Speak up in the comments section on Facebook to find your very own soulmate for the night (or for life) in our community!

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