When you’re looking for advice on moving to London one of the most overlooked aspects is the social part of your move. When you are living in London, it can be difficult to settle down and make new friends. Finding a social circle is one of the most difficult things about relocating to another country, but you do not want to be shut up in your London apartment every day.  Many movers do not address this factor when giving you advice on moving to London. If you are at least aware of the basic problems that can put you on the back foot when you move abroad, hopefully you can protect yourself against them and have a much better chance of making your new life overseas work. Retired people are the hardest hit, and combined with those who work for a British company abroad, apparently find it much harder to settle in and settle down.  This is largely because they are isolated from the local community to a certain degree.

 Advice on Moving from USA

Those who work for an American company overseas or who live abroad and perhaps work from home for a British or multinational company will find it very hard to meet new people.  Their working day will not allow them contact with locals, and so this will limit the amount of time they do have to meet new people. Retirees also find it hard, as they have no natural way in to the new community.  The best advice on moving to London is to find work for a local company or, if your moving to London with children, to enroll them in local schools. Those who move abroad and work for a local company or who have children in the local schools find it much easier to meet local people,  this naturally has the effect of leading you in to the community and helping you integrate and find your place in society.

Advice on Moving By Yourself

To overcome the obstacles you will need to make an extra special effort to get out, meet people and make lasting friendships abroad if you want to feel more comfortable in your new environment.  You might think that the best advice on moving to London is to move overseas and move into a community of Americans that you will find it easier to make a go of your new life abroad, but you would be wrong.  Those who move into enclaves while they are here, are cut off from the reality of their new nation and they feel increasingly isolated from both their old home country and their new country of choice.




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By London Relocation | 14 Aug 2020 | ABOUT THE RELOCATION PROCESS