Those Americans moving to London will be doing a fair amount of entertaining of family and friends from back home. To prepare for this onslaught of friends and family one should have a list a list of different types of accommodation to ensure there won’t be any unintended guests camping on their doorstep or – even worse – couch. While the idea of having people visit after moving and hosting cozy slumber parties may be inviting, apartments are small and don’t have the space for such sleepovers.


Hostels are great for young people traveling on a very fixed budget.  After moving one can check out local hostels to get a first-hand check of their safety and location. One of the best hostels for young people is the London Eye Hostel.  This is one of hippest youth hostels and is known for its great parties. Mostly filled with Australians and South Africans, one’s visiting friends will be making new friends fast. It serves a great breakfast as part of the room rate and offers clean and comfortable accommodation for people traveling on a budget.

Bed and Breakfast

The London Bridge hotel offers a great place to stay for those serious about spending time visiting the most famous sites that the city has to offer. It has fantastic special offers throughout the year and is close to the West End Theatres, the financial heart of London – ‘The City’ as well as being a few minutes’ walk from the ‘tube’. Comfortable accommodation and great service make this a fantastic place to stay.  After moving one’s friends visiting can enjoy all the city has to offer from a lovely Bed and Breakfast.

Finding budget wise accommodations can be a challenge, because it is so dependent on which neighborhood one lives. The best option after moving and faced with helping visiting friends find accommodations is to settle them into a central location and then show them the sights and top tourist attractions from there. That will save a ton of trouble and housekeeping time.  Whether a hostel or small inn, almost every host can make their American guests happy during their stay.


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By London Relocation | 14 Aug 2020 | ABOUT THE RELOCATION PROCESS