Transport in London is not difficult to find, or to use, but if you’re just getting settled after your relocation to London, you may discover that your daily commute is faster if you walk.

The first thing that you have to purchase after your international relocation to London is the definitive “London A-Z” (pronounced ‘Zed’ in the UK) This will become your trusted advisor, handy reference guide and you will never leave home without a version of the map book in your tote or even on your smart phone.

Transport is a big issue. It’s not a problem per se, because there is ample public transport available and hundreds of taxis if you need them. The issue is that when you need to get to work after your relocation you will want to find the shortest, fastest route into the city. When you are looking for accommodation, be sure and let your relocation agents know where you’ll be working so they can factor transport routes into your choice of properties. Yes. It’s that important.

The London tube map will help you get from station to station, but always remember that the map is not to scale, so what looks like a great distance on the map may be walked in about three minutes. Planning your commute should be a part of your exploration of London. Make a day of it and try a couple of different transport options to figure out the fastest way to work each day.

Practice really does make perfect when it comes to getting round. If you have a good sense of direction and can tell which direction of the compass you are facing then you won’t have a problem. If you’re one of the many people like me, who think that North is ‘up’ then you can always purchase a handy GPS device for your mobile phone to keep you from getting lost.

Your relocation will be so much more successful if you are prepared to try different things and experience life as a real Londoner. Get out there, face the commute and brave the weather. It’s all part of your adventure.

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