Book clubs and literary societies are popular the world over, and if you’re planning your relocation to London, joining a book club is the best way to meet new people and make friends. If you’re keen about reading, then you’re going to love living in London. There are many bookstores in London that cater to all tastes of literature and a number of more unusual and rare literary hobbies. Libraries are a very important part of life in London and while the use of a public library has faded in many parts of the world, you will find that each suburb and neighborhood has an excellent library with hundred of books. Most of the libraries are managed by the local council and they have great reading programs and other interesting groups attached to the library.

Book Clubs

The book clubs range from informal gatherings to rather auspicious clubs with readings by famous authors and writers on a variety of subjects. The book clubs in London also cater to a wide range of ages and interests, from the ‘ladies who lunch’ book clubs, to book clubs for teenagers and on to more specialized book clubs who meet to discuss special interest non-fiction books.


There is a rich literary tradition across England. Reading is actively encouraged in primary school and the education system places a lot of importance on literacy and reading skill from a very young age. The best place to find book clubs is to check with your local library. They will have a list of the book clubs that might interest you that are within walking distance of your home. Book clubs meet at all times of the day and over weekends and evenings. Most book clubs meeting once every three weeks, but some book clubs organized by groups of friends meet once a week with books being a common interest but the social aspects of a book club are what bring people together every week.

If you’re planning your relocation to London and want to get to know people in your neighborhood then a book club is one of the best ways to get out and find friends.

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