While living in London many Americans realize that the British are typically thinner than American counterparts.  This realization leads many American expats to look for ways to get in shape and shed unwanted pounds.  Perhaps it is London’s fashion motivating a person to drop a size or two, or just the desire to lead a healthier lifestyle; regardless the reason staying healthy while living in London can be easy and fun.

Just like in the United States people have many reasons for settling into a sedentary lifestyle which leads to obesity and a general unhealthy body.  Also just like in the United States, the British have found all kinds of creative and unusual ways to make staying healthy fun.  With a city as large as London any expat is sure to find a group or class that will keep them motivated and help achieve health-related goals.

Zumba – the craze has hit the UK as hard as the States.  Zumba is a dance-based class that utilizes music and dance choreography from primarily Latin countries to help burn calories.  Those participating can learn great dance moves and listen to awesome music all while burning calories.  It is estimated that participants will burn 500 – 1000 calories per hour!  An added bonus for those having just moved to London is that a Zumba class is a fantastic place to meet new friends.  With its popularity soaring there is a Zumba class not too far from work or one’s flat making access a piece of cake.

Belly Dancing – Everyone in the world can appreciate the beauty of belly dancers.  Instead of wishing one looked like a belly dancer, women can actually take classes to learn to become one.  Belly dancing is an old dancing style that is still alive and thriving today.  There are many dance studios in the local area that teach belly dancing at all levels.  For those who have tried the gym and find it boring, maybe learning to belly dance while living in London is just the change in routine needed to finally get back into shape.


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