Best Workout Gyms in London


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Best Gyms in London

London isn’t the only city infested with rats. No, no, I’m not talking about the giant sewer rats that have been known the lurk in the dark tunnels beneath London’s streets. No, the kind of rats I’m talking about are gym rats. They are always looking for the latest workouts and the best equipment not to mention the best instructors.

While there are definite benefits to working out such as getting into shape, losing weight, building confidence, and gaining strength there are other things about working out in a gym that are collateral benefits. It’s a way to meet new people and build your social circle.

There are always gyms opening up all over the city because of the high demand and the large numbers of people looking to work out and get in shape.


London Fitness

Fitness today has come to a point where it means so much more than just to stay healthy. No, it’s far more than just that nowadays. It has moved beyond just something of a hobby and become much more of a lifestyle choice here in London.

While it has evolved from merely being a hobby it has also evolved in what is accepted as a proper gym and fitness center. No one wants to go into a sweat-smelling rat hole with a bunch of muscle-bound freaks barking at each other. That business model is no longer remotely attractive to today’s gym going public. The best workout places now have become wonderful gathering spaces with friendly staff state-of-the-art workout machines, and cafes inside.

There are always personal trainers to offer guidance, different sports activities to participate in, and plenty of chill zones where patrons can take a load of and break a sweat in comfort.

Another Space

As you may have guessed, this location has plenty of space. There is a ton of room to work out and plenty of space to be able to breathe without having someone working out right on top of you. The changing rooms are always stocked with everything you need for a great workout which is a big plus.

They like to do things a bit differently than the old-school style gyms. Their plans and packages are all patron-centric meaning that you can pay as you go. No need to have a cumbersome subscription service around your neck for a year or longer. Pay for the classes you want to take and pay for the services you need.

There are three classes that are big draws. Each one includes a mix of yoga, cycling, and boxing which are great for entire-body workouts, cardio workouts, and spiritual well-being.


The Refinery

This fitness center is a great combination of cool, friendly, cozy, and fun. Even though it’s located in a basement, the rooms are remarkably well lit and there is a ton of space. One of the reasons The Refinery stays so popular is that while they offer a lot of variety in the activities they provide they also offer them with a little unexpected twist. I can’t tell you what the twist is, but just believe that it’ll make it worth trying out.


Dog House Fitness

This fitness center is a spin-and-box gym that allows patrons to escape from their daily routines into an incredibly hypnotic atmosphere of music, bikes, boxing, and choreography. The idea of the workout is to wring out the soul and the body. The gym operates on a subscription model that allows unlimited access for one month at 125 pounds. One-week unlimited access is 40 pounds while 20 pounds per week will allow patrons to use some portions of the gym though there are limitations.


The Psycle

This gym is a nightclub mixed with a fitness center. When the lights go down, the music comes up and the laser lights splash on the walls and floor. There are tons of group workout options that get the heart pumping and the feet moving in an atmosphere that’s dimly lit so no one can pass judgment on appearance. It is a great way to start your workout journey toward happiness and fitness.


This fitness center has a rebellious nature. It has a great infectious spirit that patrons feel the moment they set foot in 1Rebel. Here there is no spinning there is only riding. And not any riding. We’re talking about serious riding. These riding workouts are not for the faint of heart. Through an intensive 45-minute workout accompanied by live music and changing theme from week to week, you will definitely get your money’s worth.

Any patron that wants to truly put their body through its paces will love the footwork, strength, and willpower necessary to make it through the 45-minute workouts which will bring sweat, tears, and success. Eradicate your stress with a cardio workout while hitting the boxing bag.

For all 1Rebel offers, there is a rather high price tag. One month of unlimited access goes for £249 per month. Now, there are other options that can give you limited access to certain aspects for less money, patrons will simply have to figure out which plan is best for their needs.



A one-stop-shop for everything your fitness heart desires, this gym has spins, lifting sessions, sparring, detoxes among others. The equipment is truly state-of-the-art. It is truly amazing.

The workouts are great, but that’s not all this place has to offer. You’ll be able to grab a nutritious bite to eat before stepping into an infrared sauna or cryotherapy session. They are extraordinary to experience and shouldn’t be missed by anyone.

This is another gym that focuses on group activities and socializing. These are social nights that incorporate classes and mingling. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a night like that?



There is a gym for everyone on this list. Which one do you want to try first? Give it a try and get your sweat on in any one of them. They are not to be missed.

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