Checking Out London’s Music Scene


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London’s Music Scene

One way to get to know a city is to try the cuisine, righty? Right. There are other ways to get to a know a city too. That’s by the music. Think about how diverse London is with regard to the numerous cultures living within the bounds of the Big Smoke. There are dozens of different restaurants and businesses side by side from a completely different heritage. It’s incredible.

One other way to find out about a city’s culture is to explore the local music venues. The good news? With as diverse as London is with so many different nationalities, there is no other melting pot of music like it in the entire world. There isn’t a music style you can’t find within the city of London. There are also new genres of music being made every single day in the Bit Smoke. You should come and enjoy it. You’ll be able to find any style music your heart desires whether it be a small acoustic combo to a twelve-piece big band. From the Caribbean you’ll hear the sweet reggae beats or Celtic music from the northern isles.

Live music on your to do list? Then you’ve come to the right place. There is no other city in the world like London when it comes to live music. With an incredibly diverse and wide-ranging clubs, bars, and pubs, there is a different style of live music for everyone’s tastes. While there are certainly places to check out big-time international acts in large venues there is also an incredibly eclectic collection of local acts not to be missed as well.


People should definitely experience London with their ears from time to time.

For big-time acts there is the 02 Arena and Wembley. Those are the kind of shows you can enjoy with 80,000 of your closest friends. There is always a big rush for those shows so it’s important to make sure to pay attention to when tickets go on sale or you’ll miss your chance to see them. That is one downside to living in a city this big. There is a high demand for all entertainment options in London.

Not to worry though, there are plenty of smaller theaters and venues for intimate musical experiences. Nothing like seeing your favorite mainstream acts playing in a small seventy-five seat theatre a mere ten years from your table. These smaller venues also feature up and coming acts too. If you’re lucky, you just might catch the next big act before they became famous.

Think about it. There are thousands of musicians and bands who start their careers in London. There are countless aspiring musicians striving for that hit, the one breakthrough while playing the circuit club in London. It is also so cool to listen to the bands as they try to have something catch with the crowds.

Trust me when I say, you should go out and try a different club every night of the week. Even if you don’t know the band playing, it is always a good time and could expose you to a group or song that you were completely unaware of. The adrenaline rush associated with hearing live music is second to none. Let the music feed you as you feed the musicians in a beautiful reciprocal relationship.

Living in London is all about new experiences. There is always a new restaurant or pub to try and music is no exception. There is always a new band and a new bar featuring live bands. Open mic nights pop up all over the place too featuring up and comers, musicians looking for bands, singer/songwriters looking to leave their mark on the city. Don’t be timid. You’re in London. Go out. Don’t seek out the tourist attractions. Go into the back alley bars and the rumored hotspots. Check out the neighborhoods and feel the vibe, feel the music, feel the connectedness of the musicians to their creations.

There is no true map or guide to live music venues while living in London. The cultural and musical diversity is so incredible you will be humbled by the sheer number of venues and events that cater to all musical palettes. Whether you’re looking for established musicians or those musicians scrambling to leave their mark, London has it all.

So, without any further ado, here are some hotspots to check out music of all kinds.

Half Moon – Putney:

So, we start off with one of the wildest and most famous spots in London for live music. This club has been the home for many of the biggest bands in music today. No, I’m not kidding. You had the Rolling Stones back in the day as a house band for Half Moon. There was another little band known as The Who that played at Half Moon all the time too. U2 brought their unique sound to Half Moon as well. The club offers comedy and live music seven days a week. It is considered one of the best live entertainment venues in the world.


Hootananny – Brixton:

This venue is always packed. It not only has top-notch performances but incredible Mexican food. This is the place if you are in the mood for reggae, soul, ska, or hip-hop. Let the bass thump you away at Hootananny all night.


Ronnie Scott’s- Soho:

Those people looking for jazz, look no further. This is without question the highest quality jazz club in the city. You will not be disappointed. It opened in 1959 and hosted some of the most talented jazz musicians in history including Miles Davis, Stan Getz, and Ella Fitzgerald. Not bad company, right?

The Dublin Castle – Camden:

The gigging band’s club, The Dublin Castle has been a forefront of the Indie movement throughout England. It’s one of the best live music venues in the entire city.


So, no matter where you go to kick out the jams, London has you covered. Immerse self in the light and sound spectacle of live music.

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