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Guide to Gay London

London is a wonderful city full of inspiration, creativity, freedom, and diversity. Fulling accepting of various groups and championing causes for those who have been shunned elsewhere. This includes the gay and lesbian community. In London, they have equal rights that are in fact protected by law. They have the right to marriage and are allowed to publicly display affection for one another. In this capital city, you are free to express your affection openly with your partner. Contact us to learn more about

While this is all well and good, that is not to say there are no tricks or secrets that you should ignore. The SIM card operators have a tendency to block all content that is deemed inappropriate for children and this does include quite a bit of gay resources. This can easily be rectified by talking to your SIM provider typically either EE, Q2, or Vodaphone to unblock all of that content. This only has to be done one time per new card purchased which isn’t too inconvenient. Little things like that can help to make your experiences in London much better. To find out other helpful tips, please read on.

Apps and Media

We all rely on technology to function in the world of today. It simplifies things and makes getting to know London much easier. It brings together all kinds of information including where the hottest gay clubs and restaurants in London right to your fingertips.

  • Boyz – This is a great resource providing everything from news stories and events to fitness plans and shopping tips. It has everything gay Londoners need to feel right at home in this great city. The interview section of Boyz has some wonderful heartwarming stories, so don’t miss it.
  • 28GaysLater – Romance? Sure. Speed dating? Sure. This concept is quite simple. No reason to be coy or uncomfortable. The idea is to meet 28 people for 3 minutes each to discover if you have a spark with someone. You never know until you try. You might just luck out and find someone you truly connect with.
  • The QX Magazine – This is print tabloid magazine but don’t panic. It also comes in a downloadable version from their website.
  • London Gays and Lesbians Switchboard – While London is accepting of the gay and lesbian lifestyle, it does not mean gays will not have difficulty during the course of their stay in this great city. That is one reason why the London Gays and Lesbian Switchboard is such a great resource. It is a great source of information about current LGBTQ venues and events as well as a place to discuss issues and concerns gays face in the modern world. Professional advice is just a phone call away.

Pubs and Restaurants

Pubs and London go hand in hand, right? I mean there is a pub just about on every corner. There are some which are themed and trendy and others that are considered underground and not widely known. Well, there are also great pubs for the gay and lesbian community. A great many of them can be found in SoHo but there are many others sprinkled across the city.

  • Ku Bar – This romantic spot has great atmosphere with reasonable drink prices and incredible mix of music and clientele.
  • Admiral Duncan – This spot is for the crowd that likes it a little louder and a little crazy. Harnessing the power of an earthshattering party, this pub is fancy, loud, and comes complete with plenty of drinks and entertainment. This pub will leave an indelible mark and likely give you a handful of unforgettable stories too.
  • G-A-Y Bar – A mix of a bar, pub, and nightclub this great locale has some of the best DJs spinning great tracks every night of the week.
  • Fire – Set beneath a railway arch, this wonderful gem of nightclub awaits. Complete with some of the loudest beats in London, this thrilling nightclub will provide you with plenty of stories to tell all with the pounding pulse of dance music. Trust me, hit the dance floor and you won’t regret it.
  • Rupert Street Bar – This establishment is a bit tamer than some of the previously listed locations. This is a more laid back and relaxing. With soothing atmosphere and reasonable drink prices, this could be just what the doctor ordered to find that partner you’ve been looking for.

Places to Go and Stuff to Do

So, what else is there to aside from down a pint or two at various nightclubs and pubs? Well, there are plenty of other things to do in London.

  • Visit the Brick Lane, Sunday Market – While this market is only open on Sundays, it is definitely worth visiting. The street vendors provide an eclectic selection of food and should not be missed. There are lots of shopping locations too. There is no limit to what you may find for sale among the various merchants.
  • The Hoxton – Many Londoners see this as a hotel but don’t be fooled by the looks of it. This hall is a great location to hang out, meet others, and attend various regularly held events including entertainment and the arts.
  • The Whitechapel Gallery – This is a lovely gallery founded in the 20th century and has become an incredible home to wonderful groundbreaking works and beautiful masterpieces from various artists including: Picasso, David Hackney, and Jackson Pollok. Wandering through hallowed halls you are sure to run into more than a fair share of other art lovers. Come immerse yourself in their art and their legacy.



London is a city like no other and widely considered one of the most gay-friendly cities in the world. Engage with the Big Smoke and she’ll reveal what you seek. Go out and see all she has to offer and find the partner you’ve been longing for. With so many gay-friendly parks, pubs, restaurants, and gathering places you will not be disappointed. Put yourself out there and let the city and her wares provide you with a singular experience you’ll likely not forget.

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