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Relocating Conveniently With Your Pet To Apartments In London

Finding pet-friendly apartments in London England can be an exasperating experience. Especially if when relocating with a large dog. It’s very different than what you might be used to. Fortunately, we can help!

Pet needs assessment

We start with a consultation to discuss:
  • You and your pet’s preferences
  • London from a pet-owner’s perspective
  • Best property and neighborhood options
  • How to find pet friendly rentals in London
  • Transporting your fur-friend to the UK

On viewing day

Our agent and personal driver will spend the day with you:
  • Pick you up at 8:30am
  • View 12 – 20 pet friendly properties
  • Help you rank your favorite pet rental homes
  • Negotiate the rent and lease on your behalf
  • See the best pet apartments in London England

Settling in

Once you’ve moved in, we can help you sort out:
  • Vets, pet shops
  • Parks and green spaces
    Doggie meetups
  • Set up your bank account
  • Set up utilities, wifi & Internet
  • Coordinate deliveries
    Supervise contractors

Why Choose Us?

We guarantee you and your pet(s) will have a better move with us:
  • You’ll spend less time trying to find pet friendly landlords and apartments in London England
  • We’re familiar with the stresses a relocation puts on a pet and a pet owner
  • We help with every little detail involved in transitioning to a new home


What You Should Know About Relocating A Pet To London

You may run into more resistance from landlords than you’re used to in your home country. That’s because the London housing market is so tight, landlords will give preference to non-pet owners.

Pet friendly London flats and homes are few and far between. We know! It’s not cool — but it’s a reality.

Even if a landlord is okay with you having a pet, if the building says no, it stays no.

If the building says yes but the landlord says no, you might still be able to negotiate by:

  • Meeting the Asking Price versus low-balling
  • Paying an additional fee
  • Paying an additional months’ rent in advance

How To Relocate Pets To London

  • Transporting your pet to the UK: will they need an overnight stay at an airport?
  • DEFRA’s Pet Travel Scheme
  • Where can you get an EU-approved subcutaneous chip?
  • Do you need a UK Pet Passport? Where do I get one in my country?
  • Do I need to quarantine my furchild?
  • Do I have an airline-approved crate?
  • Other UK import rules and requirements (e.g., tests and vaccines)
  • You have a choice of public and private care. Chains include Hamilton Veterinary Clinics and Village Vet. Pets Naturally is a highly recommended Notting Hill clinic.
  • Pet insurance is available through many companies like Tesco.
  • PDSA is the UK’s leading veterinary charity.
  • The Royal Veterinary College (RVC) provides clinical services and referrals.
  • University of Cambridge has an animal hospital with cutting edge treatment of serious pet illnesses.
  • Like healthcare for humans, your experience is largely dependent on whether or not you find a good doctor. So do the research, ask around, and take referrals seriously.
  • Garden flats make for pet-friendly homes, often including backyard space.
  • Having other pets to socialize within the neighborhood or the local park is a plus.
  • Frequent walks will help your pet get used to the different flora.
  • Research in advance which tube stations have elevators/escalators vs. stairs for your pup.
  • Pet food is found in most grocery chains, and stores like Whole Foods and Pet Pavilion that offer specialty brands like Lily’s Kitchen and Darlings Real Foods.

Some Of Our Petstomers

We found Buffy a home in Balham – Her humans adore the space as well!

You thought we were kidding about the Great Dane! LR’s Devon Lampard gets a massive thank you from Maverick!

Juju and Shaggy now live in Woodside Park and have discovered the catnip in the garden!

Customer Reviews

I Understand Why Everyone is so happy with the service

Thank God for London Relocation. I highly recommend this relocation agency, They made moving to England so simple. These guys are worth their weight in Gold!

Sarah & James Accountants
Berry Brothers & Rudd

Customer Reviews

Extremely dedicated to their clients and go the extra mile for you

Choosing London Relocation proved to be the right decision from the start. From the first email and follow-up call, this company really delivers what they promise.

Theodora Sopko
Marketing Manager

Customer Reviews

We felt in good hands, and things went incredibly smoothly

We don’t know how we could have made it without this agency and their help, and we would most certainly recommend it to anyone wishing to relocate to England.

Juan Sanz and Olga Colombo
KPMG IT Services

Customer Reviews

I would highly recommend London Relocation!

Time management was impeccable and the chauffeur was reliable and invaluable. I am very happy with my place and I am all set up and ready to start my new job!

Joel McHale
Deutsche Bank

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