Best Services for Dogs in London – Part 1

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1 Best Dog Walker and Dog Services for Pets in London Part 1

If you are a pet lover, you know the challenge of living a busy lifestyle and balancing your pets’ needs. However, unlike other pets, a dog has specific requirements that must be addressed, which is difficult for most people who leave early and return late in the evening. That is why you need professional dog walking services to cater to your dog’s specific needs, ensuring you come home to a lively, healthy pet. Contact us to learn more about london property rental


Dog Walking and Care Providers in London


Green Dog Walking

With your permission, your dog can enjoy walking with and spending time with other dogs in a safe and secure environment. Expert dog walkers believe in the benefit of allowing pets to mingle, play and run together as it builds their training when it comes to obedience training and other forms of exercise. In addition, our professional dog walking services ensure that your pet gets the necessary mental and physical stimulation, which prevents them from boredom or destructive behavior in your absence.


Group Walks

We offer a range of services, such as group walks, where your pet gets the opportunity to exercise in a fun, friendly, and pleasant environment. This is the perfect exercise for your canine companion, especially if it rarely gets the chance to walk and interact with other dogs.


We also provide dog collection, where our dog walkers use a well-ventilated, spacious, and comfortable van. Do not worry about taking your dog to the walkers; we will do that for you, saving you the time of taking and picking your dog.

Work Hard, Play Hard

At Green Dog Walking, your dog enjoys a maximum of 90 minutes-walk with the rest of the dogs in your local park. During this time, your pet will be able to explore and play. A GPS tracker guarantees your pet’s safety while off-leash, so you don’t have to worry.


Green Dog Walking provides fun, safe, socially fulfilling activities for your pet, relieving the loneliness of having to spend alone cooped up in the house. Your dog is constantly engaged, stimulating them during absence so that you come home to a healthier, happier companion.


The London Dog Walking Co.

The professional dog walkers at The London Gog Walking CO build a good rapport with you and your pet, giving relief in knowing that your pet is in the hands of someone trustworthy. By hiring our expert dog walking services, you do not have to endure the nerve-wracking feeling of wondering whether your pet is safe. We have a team of experts who ensure that you are not left behind in the growth and success of your pet.

Your pet achieves optimum enrichment since you are part of the journey, from designing a schedule for long interesting walks to other crucial dog services. As a family-owned dog walking company, we have provided quality dog walking services for over a decade. Our services include dog walking, dog grooming, and dog daycare.


Professional Day Care

Our dedicated staff ensures that your pet feels comfortable and will enjoy a morning walk in a small well-supervised group. After the hike, it is back to our daycare for a conducive, relaxing environment. There’s another walk in the afternoon before the dog is dropped off.

Dog Walking

Our expert dog walkers treat your pet with patience and kindness and get to interact during the walk to learn the likes and dislikes of your pet. Our dog walks include rural walks, playtime, and supervised socialization, making them happier and ready to go home.

Dog Grooming

We have a dog grooming parlor that caters to all the vital needs of the pet, such as hygiene care and cleaning services. We guarantee a significant enhancement of your dog’s physical appearance at an affordable price.


Premier Dog Walkers

Premier Dog Walkers professionals help you balance your pet’s exercise needs and integrate years of experience and knowledge needed for top-notch care. Although most people are skeptical about hiring a dog walker because of the safety concerns of leaving your pet with a stranger, we come highly recommended as the best dog service provider. As a pet owner considering dog walking services, we provide a range of services such as:


Dog Walking

We understand that sometimes dog owners lack time to provide their pets with the attention they deserve. That’s we have a team of dedicated experts ready to take your pup for an exciting walk so that they get the exercise they require.

Puppy & Doggy Day Care

A dog is likely to follow you everywhere, but there are times you have to leave your furry friend behind. We provide you with a comfortable, safe, and fun environment where your pet is treated well and catered for by experts throughout the day.

Dog Boarding

Our dog boarding facility provides your dog with a comfy place to rest and treats that keep them nourished and well-fed. Although we encourage dog owners to bring an additional item to enhance the pet’s comfort, we have sufficient supplies for your dog to cater to their needs throughout their stay.


Benefits of Hiring a Professional Dog Walker


Promotes Health and Exercise

Compared to how dogs were treated in the past, nowadays, they receive easy meals and shelter, which saves them the intensive mental and physical exhausting hunting activities for survival. Since pets today get everything they need to grow without much effort, a dog walker ensures that your pet receives the physical and mental stimulation necessary for optimum health and exercise.

If you intend to keep your dog healthy and happy, then it is time you consider hiring a dog walker. Failing to cater to your pet’s health and exercise needs results in obesity and other underlying complications resulting from insufficient exercise and poor diet. Dog walking services enhance your pet’s cardiovascular fitness, lower blood pressure, strengthen muscles, reduce excess weight and stress.


Eliminate Destructive Behavior

Most pet owners are familiar with coming home to a ripped-up book or chewed shoes. If this is the case for you, this is a sign that your dog is feeling cooped up and is in dire need of exercise. Therefore, it is vital to provide your pet with sufficient training to mitigate undesirable behavior such as biting, chewing, and scratching. In addition, when you notice such behavior from your dog, it indicates that it has a lot of pent-up energy.

A dog walker helps in relieving the excess energy by taking it on long relaxing walks. We provide your pet with an enjoyable, natural outlet for extra energy, allowing it to develop physically and mentally. Do not normalize destructive behavior when your pet is constantly scratching or biting stuff in your absence. We guarantee a relaxed, happy dog and a clean house when you come home.


Weight Management

Like humans, an overweight pet is a sign of being unhealthy and can result in health complications regardless of how you choose to rationalize it. Ignoring your pet’s weight can result in heart diseases, diabetes, decreased quality, cancer, and reduced length of life, among many other life-threatening conditions.

For pet owners with older dogs, excess weight is quite detrimental as it increases the pain on aging joints and the likelihood of developing arthritis. Just imagine having to walk with extra weight on arthritis afflicted feet and now transfer that to your pet. The idea sounds excruciating.


Socialization is Key!

We believe that dogs are social creatures that thrive through constant interaction with humans and other dogs. Since owners rarely get the time to provide their pets with the opportunity to socialize with other pets, hiring a professional dog walker is the next viable alternative. In addition, by consulting a dog service provider, your pet becomes used to the sounds, sights, and smells of the outside world.

Once dogs become accustomed to such stimuli, they tend to be less anxious or nervous when they are taken outside. So, if you enjoy spending your day off by taking your pet to the park, you do not have to worry about having to put it on a leash constantly. In addition, your pet can acclimate to the various environments and other pets through our dog walking services without feeling enraged.


Sweet Relief

Most dog owners are unaware of the number of times it should take to walk their pet outside. However, the reality is that certain factors determine the frequency one should walk their dogs. We assess various critical factors when designing a walking schedule for your pet ranging from breed, age, and size.

When it comes to relief, most veterinarians recommend that all dogs need to be taken out at least three times. For adult dogs, the number increase up to eight times a day, and puppies at least four times a day. We carefully consider these facts when dealing with your pet to avoid the risk of urinary tract, kidney, and bladder infections. In addition, a dog walker ensures that your pet gets the sweet relief when the urge arises and doesn’t have to “hold it” waiting for you to call home.


Things to Consider When Hiring a Dog Walker


When looking for a qualified dog walker, it is essential to vet the candidates to ensure your pet is in the right hands. A pet is practically a family member, and choosing the right person for the job plays a vital role in the dog’s general health and well-being. Although reviews are essential when assessing credibility and professionalism, this is just the start as other critical considerations are needed. Some of the things to consider include:


The Training Method Used

A common problem with most dog walkers is the inability to deal with dogs that don’t walk nicely on a leash or a dog that gets agitated with other dogs on the street. So, you need to ask yourself: What will the dog walker do when they encounter such issues. This is just one of the many questions you need to ask yourself when choosing a dog walker. An expert dog walker has sufficient training on how to deal with such problems, and you can request a trial period to ensure that they are up to the task when such issues come up.


Does the Dog Walker Provide on Leash or Off Leash?

There are different techniques employed when walking a dog, and just because your dog is on a walk can be many dogs from other walkers in an off-leash park. If this is the case, your dog is not really on a walk and needs to be referred to as something different. This is a critical factor to consider so your pet gets the walk it deserves and not an hour mingling with other dogs in an open space.


Is the Dog Walker Pet First Aid Certified?

Most dog walkers have undergone pet first aid training, but how sure they can perform first aid on your pet? It is essential to inquire about their certification further by asking how recent the activity was and refresher courses. You can also have them demonstrate what to do in several everyday situations, such as choking or overheating.


Is the Walker Insured and Bonded?

Consider this; Your dog is playing in an off-leash park, and another attacks yours; what happens after that? An insured and bonded dog walker comes in handy during such situations, especially if the dog needs veterinary care and you aren’t around. The reality is that things happen, and knowing the dog walker’s emergency protocol and whether they will cover the costs. Insurance helps to cover the cost when disaster strikes; that’s why you need to ensure that the dog walker is well set up.


These are some of the significant considerations that help you make the right decision when it comes to dog walkers. In addition, having sufficient training and regular refresher courses helps dog walkers identify issues before they become significant problems.

If you lack the energy or time to give your dog the exercise it requires, consider hiring a dog walker. This is an effective way of maintaining a well-rounded, happier pet that is mentally and physically healthy.

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