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London Events for Christmas

Yeah, I know; you probably just shivered reading that, right? Who wants to be outside during winter in London? There are times when we are chilled when it’s August for crying out loud. Christmas has long been a holiday we celebrate indoors for some reason. Now, I’m not saying there’s anything necessarily wrong with that, but the tradition was set forth during a time when, had we been outside to celebrate, we might’ve been eaten by some roaming beast. That’s not likely to happen in modern-day London. For flats for rent in london, contact us to learn more.

Christmas is a fascinating holiday with lots of traditions and lots of stress and anxiety between picking out the right gift and entertaining family coming in for the holidays or travel stress for those heading back home to celebrate. Well, in today’s modern London, anything is possible, and Londoners should never miss a chance to celebrate Christmas in London’s unique style. Why not take a chance to explore and engage with the world outdoors?


Different Christmas Markets

Christmas brings with it a sense of family and celebration. In London, there are always things to do as a family. In London, the markets here are not just for finding fresh produce and other wares. Here, they are full of great energy with plenty of games, fun, community flare and a truly giving embodiment of the big city. Three markets come to mind that will impress and fill families and the like with lovely seasonal joy.


Southbank Centre Winter Market

Though it’s not quite the pompous affair of Winter Wonderland, this market infuses a truly interesting flair for the holidays of Britain with a sprinkling of the Far East. Patrons can grab a bit of anything from French cuisine to Italian, Chinese, and Korean cuisine while at this festival. There is a singular time-traveling circus experience to add to the experience too. With plenty of shopping options and food options, this beautiful mix of festivities will help bring the Christmas celebration to the forefront with a bright, colorful, Christmas style.


Leicester Square Christmas Market

This market is to be experienced, if not every season, at least once. It occurs on perfect film premises and combines fresh, snowy outdoor fun but couples it with the coziness of an indoor event. The traditional market section has stalls selling numerous types of hand-crafted trinkets and sweets, along with all types of Christmas goodies. Another component of this celebration is the Belgian Spiegel tent, which offers a wide array of great shows and comedy specials to all gathered.


The Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park

Amid the beautiful community of Hyde Park, which is in itself an attraction, this wonderful annual event attracts an incredible 3 million people each and every year to come and see this family fun spectacle. It whispers to everyone to set their inner child free and immerse themselves into incredible pastel-colored, truly marvelous toy-style shops that offer a wonderful array of trinkets and mulled wine. There are open-air shows along with plenty of roller-coaster rides for the brave all amid the mouthwatering scent of street food that only imbibes the holiday vibe for all in this beautiful wonderland. While the prices can tend to be a bit high, this festival is still highly recommended. Let the family and friends soak in the lovely spirit of Christmas.

9 London Christmas Events - London Relocation

Various Skating Rinks

Ice skating has been a tradition dating back centuries. Londoners have always been fond of skating whether on a local pond or a community rink. That is why the outdoor ice rinks begin popping up all over the great city of London as soon as the temperature dips for the winter. They have come to create a great Christmas tradition and a wonderful attraction all in one.


Hampton Court Palace Ice Rink

This is truly a wonderful experience that should not be missed. One of the largest skating rinks in all of London, this rink is never empty. Why is that? It’s location. When else would Londoners get a chance to explore the royal palace of King Henry VIII, all while staking across the ice? Definitely can’t miss this rink.


Natural History Museum Ice Rink

This rink is another truly unique experience and one of the best places to visit in all of London during the holidays. The lights and atmosphere amid beautiful architecture completely engulf skaters all within sight of a gorgeously decorated Christmas tree.


Skylight London

A skating rink inside of a former warehouse, how impressive can it be? Well, not very which is why the rink is not inside the warehouse but rather on the roof boasting a lovely view of London’s impressive skyline. It is unquestionably a top spot to cut some ice with the wind blowing in your face and the view abound. Add lovely little touches like cozy igloos, warming cocktails, and delicious street food all into the mix and you have a great evening and a wonderful way to celebrate Christmas in London.

9 London Christmas Events - London Relocation

Other Festivities

So, by now you’re probably a bit worn out from all the shopping and physical activities of the markets and the skating rinks, right? So, what else is there in London to do on Christmas that’s a bit more restful?


Snow Show

Have a wonderful magic night during the snow show. Warner Bros. invites guests to celebrate every holiday season with some of the most wonderfully enchanting characters to ever appear on the blue screen. The Christmas lineup includes a tour and a delightful dinner in a great hall that includes a flaming pudding.


Harry Potter Themed Show

So, if you’re looking for a bit of wizardry during your Christmas celebration, you can’t get much more wizard-like than celebrating in the world of Harry Potter, can you? The Syon Park has beautiful light projections which create an incredibly visual enchantment all within the real of the forest. The park is great for a romantic date.


Disney on Ice

I’m not sure I need to say anything else other than Disney on Ice. This wonderful show teaches both kids of all ages about dreaming big while featuring some of the most unforgettable characters ever created.

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9 London Christmas Events - London Relocation
9 London Christmas Events - London Relocation
9 London Christmas Events - London Relocation
9 London Christmas Events - London Relocation
9 London Christmas Events - London Relocation
9 London Christmas Events - London Relocation
9 London Christmas Events - London Relocation