Top 10 Best Places To Have Brunch In London


Places To Have Brunch In London

There is something almost hypnotic when it comes to Londoners and brunch. Seriously. Next time you’re in a group of Londoners and everyone is having their own conversation just mention brunch. I guarantee you most everyone will suddenly switch topics to yours. Everyone here loves brunch. Bringing together the wonderful culinary delights from both lunch and breakfast meals in a single sitting? Are you mad? How can it not be a good idea? Contact us to learn more about relocation services london

While we all love our brunch, what we can’t agree upon is what time brunch is. To some it’s late morning. To others it’s early afternoon. To most of us we don’t care what time it’s supposed to be. We just care that it’s brunch.

Brunch is delicious. Believe me, I know. I’ve had it before. Many, many times. I’ve never been disappointed and neither will you. So, the next question is where to have it? There are so many diverse restaurants in London from a variety of cultures, how do we know which one will satisfy our brunch need?

Well, fear not my brave bruncher. I’m here with a list of wonderful restaurants where you can satisfy that hunger, that need, that craving that only brunch can satisfy.



Okay, okay, now don’t give me the stink eye for this one. I know it’s American place and we’re talking about London brunch but believe me, it rightly deserves a place on this list. With its wonderful recipes coming in all the way from the Big Apple, Balthazar will offer a unique treat for all Londoner crazy that sweet mixture of pancakes with maple syrup. They also offer a great assortment of pastry and eggs cooked in most every way imaginable. The real draw here though is the pancakes. One bite and you’re hooked.


Berber & Q

This one is a unique bit of Eastern cuisine in the heart of London. If you have a need for spice, then this is the place for you. Spicy, flavor-filled dishes from the east, Berber & Q offer a brunch like no other. It is exquisite and flavorful. The meal you will enjoy is like something out of a fairytale.


Chick ‘n’ Sours

This is another place that offers excellent brunch no matter what day of the week it is and they know it. Their menu doesn’t change from day to day like some establishments do. They don’t have to. They serve excellent food in a wonderful setting and make no apologies about it. They offer a whole chicken dressed in sauce and I’m telling you if every chicken we ate tasted that good, there would be no chickens inside of a week.

Smoke & Salt

This is one of my favorites. It might be small, but it has the attitude of a Disney princess with the charm of our dear old Winston Churchill. If that’s not enough to sell you then how about saying you’ve eaten somewhere that uses an old shipping container as their kitchen.

The brunch offered easily turns into so much more. You’ll feel like you’re at an all-you-can-eat fest with grilled treats of all types.

Bad Egg

Anytime a restaurant offers something “new and improved” by way of brunch it is absolutely necessary to check it out. Rather than calling it brunch, the Bad Egg presents it for your approval in the form or Frunch. On Fridays it’s bottomless which is simply not to be missed.



London is a constant roiling bot of diversity when it comes to its people and its cuisine. Antipodea offers a unique taste of Australia. It offers an all-day menu that transforms into a bustling dining spot in the evening. It is an incredible transformation. Witnessing the way this restaurant operates in a dual reality is special indeed. It’s no wonder with as adaptable as they are in changing the venue’s appearance that they can transform breakfast and lunch into something unforgettable.

An offering of flat-iron steak and eggs as well as Turkish pides awaits within the bounds of Antipodea.


When you’ve been out all night and flying low in the morning, there’s nothing like a Nordic breakfast to arouse the stiff spirit of Viking from its slumber.

The food is unquestionably good, the offerings unique and flavorful. But aside from that, it’s the portions that win my heart and soul at this place. There is no doubt that the portions are enough for a Viking. They are huge! Patrons can enjoy Swedish pancakes with bacon and never walk away hungry.

This place also has such great atmosphere and architecture inside, it might warrant a break from stuffing your gob to take a gander and absorb the beautiful look of the place.


The Jam Tree

You find yourself in a divine garden, sitting in a comfortable chair when bottles suddenly whirl over your head. While you might think some soccer hooligans broke into this wonderful brunch garden but that would bet he wrong assumption. No, the flying bottles are merely the barkeep displaying his practiced skills while the endless party continues around him. Yes, a payment of 20 pounds will provide you with a bottomless barrel of prosecco. Trust me, down some poached eggs or sakshouka and you’ll find yourself feeling just fine for the rest of your day. Isn’t that the whole point of a brunch in the first place?



This establishment used to be a pub at one time. Actually, a pretty good pub. And while those days are missed, this former pub has transformed itself into a wonderful neighborhood eatery replete with Bermondsey beers, chandeliers, and not one menu but two. Offering a day and a night menu, Babette offers a page of meat lovers and a page for veggie lovers.

A friendly atmosphere and excellent food, this restaurant offers a wonderful British vibe along with a relaxing atmosphere. Their brunch menu offers a lovely mixture of greens, bacon, and sausages in delicious combinations.

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