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Urban Legends Of London

As you likely know, London is a city that bristles with history. Think of all that has transpired within the walls of this great metropolis. Ever vigilant, this great city watches over her children, marking good and bad events as time marches on. While the good events bring prosperity and wonderment, the bad events have brought detriment and demise. Those wicked events have tainted the minds and hearts of so many Londoners even today. Contact us to learn more about apartment rental agency

Think about it. The events that have transpired, no matter how good or bad, can easily leave its mark. It is expected in a city with such a rich history like London. Every event can be traced to quite a few urban legends that linger in the back of Londoners’ minds each and every day.

Are you the type of person who enjoys a good tale? A spooky locale? A good scare?

Then read on.

The Vampire of Highgate Cemetery

Certainly, cemeteries at night evoke a certain visceral response, don’t they? The moon’s pale glow falling across the headstones, the dead so close at hand. Every sound magnified, every thud of one’s heart pounding with dread.

In 1969, several people reported seeing a figure dressed in grey roaming the cemetery. Never in any hurry, the figure would pause before headstones as if in thoughtful repose. This occurred well into 1970 with such regularity that Highgate Cemetery became a hotspot for the curious and the wicked alike.

Over a few onlookers were decked out in Van Helsing attire with garlic, stakes, and crosses. To make matters worse, those showing up to rid the cemetery of the vampire were arrested for grave robbing. The vampire is still seen, wandering the cemetery in grey attires. Be careful if you venture out to spot this creature, and don’t forget your holy water.

The Suicide Pool

A creepy tale long associated with Epping Forest in Essex, this legend whispers of Romeo and Juliet and a forbidden tale of love and yearning. Two love birds kept their relationship secret because the girl’s father was set against them being together. When he came upon them together in the woods, a confrontation ensued, ultimately leading to the father gruesomely murdering them both near the lake.

Just days after their murder, the water turned a grisly black. If this weren’t bad enough, the local plant and wild life also began to die in the vicinity. Even worse things were to come.

Bodies began to show up near the lake. The first was an adult woman who showed up dead along the waters of the newly dubbed Suicide Pool. Then, a teenage girl’s body was found, as well as a baby’s. Reports began circulating that the black pool was drowning them when they came too close.

The lake is still there, as is Epping Forest, and those curious and brave enough are welcome to walk beside the still black waters tempting the depths, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Those aren’t the only deaths and not the only disappearances associated with this location.


The Crying Girl of King’s Cross Station

Following a terrible fire at King’s Cross Tube station that took the lives of thirty-one people on November 18th, 1987, something curious began to happen. It was quite noticeable and quite obvious. People began to hear the cries for help of a young girl. Even now, they can be heard.

The smell of smoke follows a young woman’s apparition. She’s spotted with regularity wearing jeans and crying. Once spotted, she fades from sight, but the smell of something burning lingers.

The legend has grown in popularity, and it is widely accepted that she is the spirit of a woman who died in the fire but whose body was never found. Her spirit still lingers. Do you dare come to take a look?


The Legend of Spring-Heeled Jack

Strange things lurked throughout the streets of London, even in 1837. A servant girl named Mary Stevens first spotted this mysterious figure while walking to Lavender hear through Clapham. At that time, a terrifying figure leaped out from hiding and clawed at her, tearing her clothes in the process. This thing force itself on her, kissing and clawing at her. As quickly as the attack occurred, the beat was gone.

But not for good.

The next day, the figure caused a carriage crash and breathed fire as onlookers gasped. It fled the scene by leaping over a nine-foot-tall wall without even a look back. Laughing maniacally, the beast disappeared into the night.

This leaping fiend was given the nickname of Spring-heeled Jack, and thus the legend began, terrorizing Victorian London for almost a decade. Sightings continue, but nothing like the mid-1800s.


The Beast of Hackney Marshes

In 1981, the first sighting of the beast was made by four children. Thickly-haired and amber-eyed, this beast was known to terrorize the marshes in Hackney. Killing wildlife, small and large, this creature is nothing to joke about. It is still spotted today, hiding in the wilds of Hackney Marshes.

The Doppelgangers

So, what is a doppelganger? Good question. In short, it is an exact copy of someone else’s appearance and mannerisms. How unnerving would it be to run into someone with the same voice, looks, and way of acting at a party? It would be like having a twin, only creepier.

There are reports of doppelgangers all over the world. A London man spotted someone who looked like him daily across Tavistock Square. However, no matter how hard he tried, he could never catch the man.

Another woman has repeatedly spotted her dying sister on the other side of Russell Square as well. Again, no matter how hard she tried, she wouldn’t catch up with her.

This is not a rare occurrence. Throughout history, notable figures have reported the same thing. So, who they are? Why do they look like us? Tap on the shoulder and find out.

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