Time To Hit The Gym: What Are Best Workouts London Has To Offer?

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time to hit the gym what are best workouts london has to offer

It’s not that the relocation process can be called with words like “easy” or “simple” and yet you still have to break a sweat after you settle in. No, I am not speaking figuratively; I am talking about plain old workouts that’ll keep your muscles in tonus and your head and spirit fresh. Contact us to learn more about rentals agency near me

There are a lot of benefits to working out like living longer and being healthier, duh. I won’t get into too much detail here, because you already know why you want to flex those charming cheeks and tummy. What you don’t know is where.

Well, there’s nothing that can be fixed more simply. Just check out our list of London’s finest establishments for your daily dose of juicy #instafit photos.

The best gyms of the Big Smoke

Fitness today is much more than a means to stay healthy. It has outgrown the status of a hobby for many Londoners and has since become a lifestyle choice.

Needless to say, a sweat-smelling basement with a niche audience of workout freaks that any gym in London was but a few years ago is no longer an attractive business model. The best workout places in London have evolved into lovely, clean, friendly clubs, galleries and cafes with occasional training equipment set up here and there.

A decent gym today has a wide array of personal trainers, sports activities and chill out zones that will ensure you break a sweat in comfort.

Another Space

I love this gym because it is, just like the name implies, spacious. Not only do you have the room to work out here, but you have enough air to breathe. The changing rooms are packed to the brim with every necessity and more, which is also a plus in my book.

Another Space, just like the people attending here, likes to do things a little bit differently. It doesn’t have subscription models and packages that usually become more of a burden than motivation to many sports lovers. In here, you pay as you go.

Another Space offers 3 classes that include a mix of Yoga, cycling and boxing. This is great for entire body workouts, cardio training and has a flair of spiritual enlightenment.

The Refinery

When you think of the Refinery, you think of words like “cool” and “hip”. It is friendly, cozy and, despite the fact that the gym is located in a basement, the rooms here are spacious and well lit.

One of the best aspects of the Refinery are the quirks. Every activity you can sign up for has an unexpected twist that will keep both your body and your sense of humor in shape.

On a side note, their blog is an absolute masterpiece and a #mustread for every #fitfam out there.

Dog House Fitness

The Dog House is a Spin-&-Box gym boutique that allows you to escape from daily routines into a loud, funky atmosphere of epic music, choreography, bike,s and boxing.

Yes, when you leave here you will be as tired as a dog, but you will also be as happy as a clam!

The gym operates by a subscription model, where one month of unlimited access is worth 125 pounds. 1 week will be 40 pounds and an intro offer, though with some limitations, is 20 pounds for 7 days.

The Psycle

We were talking about well-lit places before, but what’s wrong with a little bit of darkness? Especially if when the lights go down, boogie and laser lights are turned on?

Yes, you will be breaking a sweat in an 80es disco, No, really, I mean it and it is one of the most energetic experiences you’ll get in London’s gyms as well as in London’s nightclubs.

There’s something special about working out, especially in a group, where you can’t see people properly and neither do they. This is a fine, comforting thought, especially for those who are still at the beginning of their back-into-shape journey.

Plus it really is a lot of fun to boogie like a wild man!


Once a rebel, always a rebel. In everything. Without an exception.

In here, you won’t spin. You will RIDE. And it won’t be a pleasant ride either. You will be blasting your way through an intensive, 45 min workout session accompanies by live music, actual rock stars and whatever else the current theme of the workout incorporates.

In here you don’t HIIT, you RUMBLE! Footwork, strengths and willpower are forged during this intensive 45-minute session of sweat, tears and success. Cardio + a boxing bag, what else do you need to eradicate your stress after a hard day at work?

1Rebel is an expensive pleasure. 1 month of unlimited access is worth £249 per month. That noted, you can go for but one of the exercise routines. Ride unlimited, for example, is only worth £149 per month.


The KXU is truly a one-stop-shop for all things fitness. You’ll have it all under one roof: spins, lifting sessions, detoxes, sparring – you name it, it’ll be there.

One more thing worth mentioning is the equipment here. I believe that a single tool here has enough tech to be smarter than many people I know. Neat!

The fun of the all under one roof concept doesn’t end with just the workouts. You’ll have a lovely place to grab a healthy bite, an infra-red sauna as well as a cryo-therapy chamber at your disposal. Heck, you could live in the locker rooms here if need be.

This sums up our list of the best gyms in London. Do you know of any other great places to break a sweat? If so, do let us know on twitter or facebook. Oh, and of course, the gyms we’ve mentioned were not ranked, but rather mentioned in no particular order.

Stay fit!


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