The Ultimate Guide to Making Friends in London


Making Friends in London

London is a city like no other. It is an amazing mix of art, history, creativity, determination, and honor. While many people judge her by the historic buildings and years of accomplishments, she is more than that. She has so much more to offer and if visitors and residents alike look just a bit deeper, they will discover the true charm of the Big Smoke

While she is everything you’d expect her to be—loud, fast, crowded, and incredible—she is also something you might not expect. And that is lonely. It can be a truly amazing experience to stand on the streets of London and be completely ignored. That is not to say it is rude, it is just to point out that all Londoners are treated equally. No one cars that you are the richest man or woman in the world nor do they care about your political leanings. Above all else, London is a city of live and let live.

This loneliness can feel good most times. In some ways it can be quite empowering. It offers a bit of whimsy and a bit of romance. Afterall, where else can you truly be yourself, the pure unaltered version of yourself? Not many places. But in London that can be easily achieved. But in that bit of London charm, people can get lost in the tides of daily life and find it difficult to make new friends and meet new people. So, how do you rectify this? Simple, read on.

Go to a Pub

While some might think it strange to go to a pub alone, it is in fact quite common in London to do so. We do it all the time. Don’t hesitate to bring your iPad, book, or newspaper and come on in and have a pint or two. Sit back and enjoy the atmosphere and the people. You might just strike up a conversation with someone and make a new friend. No one will bother you for sitting by yourself enjoying a pint or two watching the tele and relaxing.

There are always of things going on in the pubs. Some have karaoke nights while others have football games on the telly, darts, and pool. Look for other lonely iPadders and don’t hesitate to start up a conversation. They are likely there looking for the same thing you are. Friendship.

It might be difficult at first to reach out to someone like that but I strongly advise you to do it anyway. The more often you interact with others the easier it is to make friends. Try complaining about a few things, it can be a great icebreaker. The weather is always a great topic to complain about, it’s rarely perfect in London.

Go Social

This means social media. It’s there for a reason and can be a great resource for networking and meeting new people. Facebook is not just there for you to panic over after posting a pic you shouldn’t have. It is a social network and designed as a tool to help socialize and find like-minded people.

There are dozens of Facebook groups that can help you seek out people who have similar interested. You can look up others who live in same neighborhood as you or who like the same things you do. For that matter you can even look up people who dislike the same things you do. Whatever your leaning, whatever your liking, there is a Facebook group for it.

Joint the conversation by making a few posts and chat with other people online to find someone to meet at a pub or a park. While this may seem difficult or unnerving not to worry. There is someone else on the other end of the line feeling the same thing you are. Many times, the Facebook groups meet offline at a pub or park in a group which can be a great way to socialize.

Be Yourself

No, I’m not talking about the cheesy advice given in a romantic movie where during the character’s journey through the film they realize that in fact they were perfect from the beginning and in fact does not need to change a thing at all.

No, I’m talking to the real you. The one inside who has opinions, hobbies, and likes and dislikes. For instance, those who enjoy painting should sign up for art class. What better way to meet other painters? If you enjoy working out, join a gym. If you have a dog, take them to the dog park for a walk. Those are all ways to meet people with similar interests.

By inserting yourself into activities you enjoy, you will meet others who share those same interests and act as an icebreaker to conversation and friendship. It might feel a bit forced or awkward at first, but stick with it. You’re sure to meet new friends.


Check Out the Neighbors

No, I’m not suggesting you get out your binoculars and spy on your neighbors to see what they are up to. I’m more suggesting to introduce yourself to your neighbors. Put yourself out there and ask them to join you for a drink or perhaps a cut of tea. Living in close proximity to someone there is always the chance of bumping into someone every now and then. Grow those relationships from a head nod and hi to a bit more.

Now, to be fair, these interactions are all dependent upon the neighbors not being daft. Remember, Londoners don’t like people sticking their noses into their business. If they seem cool the first few times interacting with them, no to worry. Keep it up and build trust, the friendship will bloom.

Don’t get frustrated or down if you’re not making friends left and right. Be patient. It can take time for someone to open up to new people. Stay the course and you will meet lots of new friends to spend time with.

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