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Safest Areas Of London

You have probably watched many movies about London, the most prominent done by the visionary directors like Guy Ritchie. “Snatch”, “Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels”, etc. are surely a spectacle to be seen but, sadly, they are also a false representation of the good old Smoke. Contact us to learn more about london relocation services

The Alboin’s capital is not a crime-riddled haven for mobsters of all shapes and sizes. The worst thing that can happen to you in London is a sweaty cheek or two rubbing over your face in the crowded wagon of the Tube. Unpleasant? Yes, but hardly comparable to being mugged and/or stabbed in broad daylight.

That being said, London is still a behemoth of a city with millions of citizens. Surely not all of them are 100% law-obedient. A few of them might even pose a threat if pushed too far but luckily for you, the diversified area system of London keeps them at bay making certain places much safer for a family relocation than the others.

So, if safety first is your motto, feel free to check out the below list of the safest areas of the capital of Great Britain.


Ok, firstly, the deer! How can you commit a crime when you are surrounded by these fabulous, majestic beasts? The correct answer is that you really cant. I sincerely believe that the park is the primary reason why Richmond has one of the lowest crime rates in the entire city.

Then again, it serves a much greater purpose, especially for families with children. Adventure out into the convenient “wilderness” for a sunny day and your kids will love it. Take a stroll there for a second time just to witness the same results. The park never gets old, especially in the city that’s mostly composed of glass, metal, and concrete.

Notting Hill

Not only is this area one of the safest in the city, but it is also one of the coolest. The amounts of networking opportunities and places of interest are off the charts here. Ad convenient commuting into the mix and you’ll get one of the loveliest places to live for young professionals and “newborn” families.

Do keep in mind that all of the crazy vibes can get a tat too noisy at times so I wouldn’t recommend Notting Hill to couples with actual toddlers.


Hampstead is one of the best areas to live in London. It is populated by millionaires, it has convenient commuting, the availability of green spaces and entertainment options are out of this world cement this area into the status of an elite neighborhood.

The Public pools of Hampstead are not only great for a swim but are also a historical meeting point for gay people that have served as the cornerstone for the area’s gay-friendly culture.

There is only one reason why Hampstead isn’t considered the embodiment of heaven on earth: the rent rates came straight out of hell.


This area is officially the best place to live in London according to a recent voting, and for all the right reasons. A wide range of factors was taken into consideration like the availability and quality of schools, jobs, opportunities, etc. Community spirit and cultural significance were taken into account as well and, surely, the safety of the people living here plaid a major role.

If you feel like moving into a great place filled to the brim with smiling (which is as rare a happening as a rain of diamonds in London), friendly faces, you don’t have to look any further.


This area is known to all sports fans out there because of its rich history with tennis games, but that’s really not the defining factor of Wimbledon. The nightlife here flourishes with the availability of pubs, restaurants, and clubs, but it is well paired with wide, open green spaces during the day where one can simply relax after a busy day at work. Or you can always take your kids and your pets for a lovely stroll.

The selection of housing options is mostly limited to large townhouses and mansions so this isn’t a great fit for the loners or the young couples, but it is a solid choice for established professionals with families of four people or more.


This is a rather overlooked gem of London that rarely gets the attention it deserves. Well, the fact that the area successfully flies under the radars makes it perfect for those of you on a tight budget. A flat here won’t cost you an arm and a leg monthly. For me, this is a definite bonus as I only have so little limbs to offer.

The commuting here is nothing to write home about but when you really think of it, why would you care? All of the best attractions in East London are a ten-minute walk away and you can get to wherever you want in the city from there.

That being said, there is one thing that really sells living in Haggerston – the local atmosphere of a strong, community-driven area. If you’d like to trade your neighbors for actual friends, there isn’t a better place to do so than here.


This was a list of London’s safest areas to build a cozy family nest in. Would you like to add more to it? Be my guest and feel free to use our twitter feed or share your thoughts directly on Facebook. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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