Will My Dog Feel At Home In London?

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will your pooch feel at home in london
Updated 11 June 2024

Hello, fellow dog lovers! If you’re considering a move to London and wondering, “Will my dog feel at home in London?” you’re in the right place. As a responsible dog owner, you want the best for your furry friend, and moving to a new city is a big decision. Grab a cup of coffee, and let me guide you through why London is a fantastic place for you and your dog.

Being a dog owner isn’t always fun, games, and cuddles. We have responsibilities to take good care of those we’ve tamed. We have friends we simply cannot let down. Sure, some might say such an attitude is a heavy burden, but we all know the price is ridiculously cheap for a loving, loyal, understanding companion at your side.

That’s why every responsible dog owner thinks twice before taking an important step like relocating to an entirely different city, especially if the destination is an urban megalopolis like London. You might ask, “Will my dog feel at home in London?” The answer is a definite YES!

London is Heaven for Dogs

London is an amazing city for dogs. The green spaces to walk around, play with fellow canines, and even tease other animals like deer and foxes are rich and plentiful. The city has an entire industry dedicated to dog-oriented services like grooming, walking, and training.

The people here are friendly. I’ve never met a British person who doesn’t like dogs. The only real argument against moving to London with pets that comes to my mind is the size of local flats. Some of the coolest lofts – especially those close to the historical center – aren’t too spacious. That said, you could always find a roomier property, especially with professional assistance from our managers.

Commuting with Your Dog

London has one of the most advanced and convenient commuting networks in the world. And it is 100% pet-friendly. At least on paper. Technically, you can take your dog for a ride on the bus, Tube, taxi, train, etc. No one will have a problem with that, except for your pooch. There are simply too many people using public transport, especially during rush hour, making the travel experience more stressful than it should be.

If traveling by the Tube is an absolute necessity, please grab some of your dog’s favorite treats, a familiar toy, or any other item with a friendly scent and avoid rush hours. Let your pup explore the place for as long as it wants. Ten minutes of sniffing around and getting used to the station and people will save countless nerves for you and your dog in the long run.

The Rules of Walking

Keep in mind that the green spaces I’ve mentioned above are not as pet-friendly as the Tube. At least not all of them. Anything with the word “Garden” in its name, like Kensington Gardens, is off-limits. No dogs allowed. Don’t neglect to check this tiny detail in advance because even a single fine for breaking the rules can put a dent in your monthly budget.

Everything that has the word “Park” in its name, however, is a perfect place for a walk with your pooch. The same goes for “Common”- and “Heath”-labeled places. All dogs are welcome here and are allowed to roam freely to their heart’s content.

Dog Care in London

London has an amazing pet-care infrastructure. My own dog gets grooming much more often than I visit my hairdresser. The vets are out of this world in London as well. I have never met an inexperienced or underqualified veterinarian. Sure, this just may be luck, but I sincerely doubt that anyone bad at their job – medical or not – would have their business for long in a city as competitive as London.

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How London Relocation Can Help You and Your Pets

At London Relocation, we understand how important it is to find the perfect home in a pet-friendly area. Our expert team specializes in matching you with neighborhoods that cater to both you and your furry friends. We provide personalized assistance throughout the relocation process, ensuring you discover the best pet-friendly areas in London with parks, amenities, and accommodations that welcome pets. Let us help you make the transition smooth and enjoyable for your entire family, pets included!


So, will your dog feel at home in London? Absolutely! London is an amazing place for dogs. Sure, there are some rules and limitations of life in a big city, but the list of advantages is far greater. The only serious issue you may face is finding a pet-friendly property, but then again, would you really call something we can solve in one day an issue?

There’s so much this city has to offer, and with the right place in mind, you and your pet can create unforgettable memories together. Contact us to learn more about London relocation and how we can help you and your dog feel at home in this vibrant city.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it difficult to have a dog in London? Having a dog in London is not difficult if you know where to look for pet-friendly areas. The city offers numerous parks and amenities for dogs.

Is London a good place for dogs? Yes, London is a great place for dogs. There are many pet-friendly neighborhoods, parks, and services that cater to dogs and their owners.

Can I move with my dog to London? Absolutely! You can move with your dog to London. Many neighborhoods are pet-friendly, and there are services to help with the transition.

Can my dog feel I’m leaving? Yes, dogs can sense when you’re leaving due to their strong bond with you. They pick up on cues like packing or changes in routine.

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