The Best Gyms in London

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Gyms in London

Finally, we can go back to the gym after many months of shutdown. With the body having extra calories and feeling a little heavy, there is no better time for a workout like now. Yes, there were opportunities for home workouts, but we can agree, it just can’t beat the actual gym experience. Knowing that there are people around you sweating, experiencing muscle pains, and feeling exhausted like you, it’s a motivation to push further. Here in London, there are tons of fitness centers that both residents and visitors can attend. But that doesn’t make it easier to find the best one that fits your needs and expectations. But not anymore, here is a list of the best gyms in London you can try out. It’s a review of various services that each gym has to offer. So, choose what fits you. Contact us to learn more about rented flat in london



Core Collective is an art masterpiece when it comes to chic-looking gyms. The destruction from the gym design, lighting, and arrangement is perfect when you’re feeling exhausted. Look around and you will realize some of the finest artwork from Maddox Gallery.
And as much as it’s a little pricey, the aesthetics, features, and amazing classes make it worth a try. Each class is split into four areas of workout – sculpt, strength, sweat, and recovery. In addition, there are TRX, cycling, yoga, and circuits among others. When you’re done with your session, there is a chill-out spot and café to relax or replenish your energy.

Location: Kensington



You can’t find enough time from work to go for a training session? Well, 1Rebel is the best gym to sign up for. They have a short but intensive workout class that lasts less than one hour. That is, the class focuses on three things, ride (use a fitness bike), reshape (bench workouts and treadmill), and rumble (boxing classes).

Once you are done, there is an astonishing changing room where you can clean up before leaving. You don’t have to wait in line because they have tons of shower rooms. Also, if you have valuables, there are large metallic lockers for the safety and accommodation of your things.

Location: Holborn, Oxford Circus, South Bank, Victoria, Angel



If you have a deep pocket and a taste of high-end facilities, then Equinox matches your taste. Everything about this gym is class from its location, interior design, services, and training types of equipment. Found in some of the elegant buildings in the city, this gym offers various workouts to accommodate everyone. The classes include TRX, running, dancing, cardio, boxing, cycling, yoga, barre, and weight training.

But what’s even striking about Equinox is the Pilates class. This class includes in-house and virtual instructors. So, if you can’t find time to attend the gym, you still have a virtual class at your convenience. Lastly, there are exclusive services at Equinox, which includes a spa, personal training, spin studio, Kiehl’s product in abundance for members.

Location: Kensington, Bishopsgate, and St. James



Found in east London, it’s the best place to burn calories if you live nearby. Found in a basement, the sweet incense aroma and warm lighting are motivating. They offer fitness classes, barre, pilates, and Yoga. And if you are interested in calming your mind, there are therapy sessions.

Location: E9



Third Space is for anyone who loves luxury even in the gym. The name means a place to stay beside your home and work. It’s the best gym in the city with everything you need for the best training. So, if you want high altitude or mountainous training, there is a room that offers that experience.

If you need training in the water there is a pool for that. And when it comes to the latest training pieces of equipment, you will never miss them in Third Space. Further, the aesthetic and elegance of this gym are on another level. So, if you want to explore all kinds of training in a luxurious gym that’s pricey, Third Space will do.

Location: Tower Bridge, Marylebone, City, Canary Wharf, and Soho



There is more to The Fore fitness center than just training and sweating. You could say it’s the best all-around fitness center. That said, they offer a personal training area, fitness studio, therapy, co-working space, and a café.

Further, you can choose personal training if you are shy in front of people. Or join the group training sessions where there is more motivation for fitness. In each class, there will be Free weight training, TRX, cardio, rip trainer, and running on the treadmill.

Location: King’s Cross



It’s a world-class training facility with a list of high-profile members from prominent athletes to Celebs. Each of their sessions is 60 minutes long. And you will be shifting between HIIT using machines and strength workouts with free weights.

There is also a Fuel Bar where you can refuel with exclusive after-workout smoothies. And if you need home workout classes, you can sign up for this at Barry’s Bootcamp.

Location: Victoria, Euston, Canary Wharf, St. Pauls and Soho



While some of the gyms we’ve covered offer punching bags, there are a few that offer boxing classes. However, with KOBOX, the gym is specifically for boxing. Therefore, you will find expert trainers to teach you all about boxing.

They offer two sessions per class with a total of 50 minutes. One of the halves is for boxing and the other for functional training workouts. After a while, the lights are switched from bright to rave mode with music on.

Location: City, Marylebone, Chelsea



Just like the name, Psycle is a gym with a vibrant atmosphere. It’s best for quick weight loss due to the HIIT exercises that define this gym. It’s a large workout facility with tons of fitness bikes and dim light. Onboard is a DJ who spikes up the workout mood with a series of energizing music. And this is an offer that other fitness centers don’t have.

Location: Shoreditch, Canary Wharf, and Marylebone


Lastly, whatever your workout goal might be, there is a suitable gym for you on this list. So, take your time and have a look at each training center once more and choose the most convenient. If you need a spa, a quick workout, or a plunge in the pool, it’s up to you to decide where the offer is best. Lastly, you can confirm which gym is closer to where you live or work for convenience.

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