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London is a massive melting pot of cultures, races, religions, and sexual preferences every day so it’s hard to believe that it can get even wilder in its thrive for diversity. To rent flat in london, contact us today!

And yet it does.

Every February is celebrated as the month of LGBT History in the Capital. The number of gay-friendly events, plays, exhibitions, and parties during the last month of winter skyrockets.

So much so that it’s getting harder and harder to pick the events one is to attend. There are simply too many great ones taking place at the same time.

Still, no one said you can’t try 😉

1. Golden Girls

There’s nothing like a new take on a seasoned classic to make St. Valentine’s Day special. Especially if that modern take is a drag musical version of the 80s show Golden Girls.

Prepare yourselves for a stellar performance from Tanya Hyde, Mrs. Moore, Rose Garden, and Stephanie Von Clitz. The cast alone guarantees a sassy, juicy show you simply can’t afford to miss.

Where? Two Brewers.

When? February 11-14.

Check for more details here.

2. Dirty Di’s Tunnel of Love

St. Valentine’s is not a night to be lonely. But what choice do I have, you ask, when Grindr fails to deliver, and your thumb is sore from swiping right?

Dirty Di’s Tunnel of Love, of course, is a spectacular event of passion, drive, games, and matchmaking madness.

What does one expect from the show? Tons of good old cabaret fun, insane performances by the “People’s Princess” and, of course, a chance at finding true love (or a one-night stand if that’s what tickles your fancy at the moment).

Where? The Glory.

When? February 14.

Check for more details here.

3. The Love Party

This fundraiser party for Stonewall Housing deserves your attention for not one but two primary reasons. Primarily, you’ll get a chance to be a part of something greater – building a safe haven for the LGBT community.

Secondly, you’ll be treated with lots of fun! Comedy shows, speaking events, an open mic for everyone willing to express themselves, and your personal Cupid on duty who’s there to deliver your messages to a very special someone are all parts of the all-covering Love Party.

Where? The Royal Vauxhall Tavern.

When? February 16.

Check for more details here.

4. Mean Girls Drink-a-Long

There are two kinds of people in this world – those who are fans of the cult-classic Mean Girls and those who haven’t seen the film yet. The Drink-a-Long is a perfect event for both.

What’s on?

The movie itself (obviously), paired with spectacular comedy hosts running the show, a drag, and a wide plethora of on-stage games, and Clapham Grand filled with hundreds of people rocking their pink outfits on one of February’s wildest nights ever!

Where? Clapham Grand.

When? February 28.

Check for more details here.

5. Planes and Perverts

The Planes and Perverts party will be held to show the support of the LGBT community to migrants and outsiders. Yes, we are talking about an event that ticks literally every box:

An out-of-this-world party? Check.

A fight for the right cause? Check.

Drag, live music, and burlesque performances? Check, check, check!

Where? Redon.

When? February 16.

Check for more details here.

6. The Girls Aloud Party

Clapham Grand shines again with yet another fabulous party featuring insane party-themed cocktails, earth-shattering performances from London’s best DJs, and Nadine Coyle’s monthly pop party.

Expect a wild 90s party with smash hits that shook the charts between 1990 and 2000, a live performance from Nadine, and all the confetti in the world!

Where? Clapham Grand.

When? February 22.

Check for more details here.

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