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London is a central hub of all business and information technology is booming. There is no lack of job opportunities when it comes to information technology. Think I’m kidding? Look at the job postings I found just by a simple search. had a listing for 19,732 open vacancies. Using I found 2,563 new jobs while gave me a list of 7,017 openings. And that’s just by doing a quick Internet search. Imagine if I actually tried.

The IT industry and Big Smoke go hand in hand. Some of world’s biggest businesses like Microsoft, Apple, Cisco, Ubisoft, Rockstar, Google, IBM, and Virgin Mobile all have huge stakes in this city and are all hiring. If those heavy hitters don’t interest you there are countless other companies both well established and startups that make London one of the largest tech hubs in the world to the point that Silicon Valley is taking notice.

Just look at the numbers for the UK as a whole:

  • 408,000 Programmers and Software Engineers
  • 154,000 IT Business Analysts
  • 27,000 Web Designers
  • 775,000 In the Software and Computer Services Industry


Looking at the figures above will likely be a bit misleading. Are there a ton of people working in the IT field? Yes. Is there a high demand for their skills? Yes. Are there tons of people looking for those jobs? Yes. That’s the part that stinks. Just because there are a lot of jobs posted doesn’t mean it will be easy to get a job. The demand for skilled IT professionals is astronomical.

5 Major Sections to be Aware of

While there are countless sectors and sub-sectors and other variances, there are generally five sectors that most of the IT jobs are categorized as.

Software Development – This includes companies which develop software for customers to use across any number of devices. This could be companies that develop apps or operating systems.

FinTech – This is one of the fastest growing sections in the UK. This sector’s focus is on banking and finance and is in incredible high demand.

Public Sector – This area involves working with the local government and their associated IT needs. It could be to develop user friendly tourist apps, commuting algorithms, and other customer centric applications.

Manufacturing – Rising rapidly, manufacturing is one sector which continues to rise year over year. This encompasses consumer goods, electronics, and oil products just to name a few. Those engineers who have a demonstrable experience in both software and software experience are in very high demand.

Retail and eCommerce – This sector rules shopping and trade. Some of the biggest brands in the world are looking for professionals in this niche right now.


So, with this kind of demand the pay must be considerable, right? Wrong.

The overall entry level salary for graduates entering the job market is £32,500. For IT professionals it’s slightly higher at £35,700. Most of those jobs are not for slackers either. IT professionals can work long hours to meet deadlines.

While this might be discouraging to hear, take heart, the tides can ebb and flow quickly within the IT world. There are plenty of opportunities for those willing to stick it out. Information technology grows and changes quickly. Yesterday’s desktop support tech could be a junior developer in a few months and a senior manager within a year.

Working in the IT field there is a lot of flexibility. Many young professionals are self-employed and are their own bosses choosing when and where to work. Those in the corporate sector of IT get to travel extensively around the world for their job. Most London-based tech companies have a global presence to consider.

So, you’ve read this far. Is your interest piqued?

Good, so now we need to talk about how to secure a job in the IT field in London.


How to get an IT job in London?

With plenty of opportunity in London, why not roll the dice and take a job here? So, how can this be done? There are several different ways in which it might work.

Step 1 – This option only works for those who have an office in London but it still warrants mentioning. If your current employer has an office in London, simply ask the HR department for a transfer. Take the chance. This is likely the easiest method and takes the least amount of effort from you.

Step 2 – While this might be a longshot, it still needs to be done. Do a job search for positions available in London. There are a few local sites to try as mentioned in the opening of this blog post. Give them a shot and send out your CV to find that job.

It is best if this is done while you are still employed. Since the chances are pretty slim that you’ll get an answer right away, it’s best to be patient while sending out applications.

Step 3 – I can’t stress this enough. Be creative. Recruiters are viewing hundreds of CVs with the same qualifications as yours. Make yours stand out. Try clever ways to deliver your message. Showcase your skills. Create an impressive portfolio of work. Don’t just click the send button and pray.

Step 4 – Have patience. Things take time. You’ll likely receive a number of rejections before receiving any offers. Don’t lose faith. Keep sending out the CVs and be patient.

Step 5 – There is no shame in getting professional help from someone who gets jobs for people on a professional basis. They know the ins and the outs and the know what it takes to get someone hired. These folks don’t get paid unless they find you a job. There is no shame in giving them a try. In order to land the job of your dreams in London, you’ll have to pull out all the stops. Leave no stone unturned in searching for your job. The right job is there. You’ll just have to find it.

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