10 Apps That Make Life in London Easier


Life in London

London is a weird city. Not the people. Not the buildings or the history but just the city itself. On the one hand, you have ancient architecture from hundreds of years ago right next to the ultra-modern-looking museums and high rises. It’s like a schism that occurred in the time continuum and blended different eras into the wonderful glory of the Big Smoke. Contact us to learn more about london property to rent

The best part about it is London has kept the best from all eras and welcomed in the marvellous modern-day architecture. With a city as big as London, the visuals of the blended eras can be both breathtaking and headache-inducing.

One technological advance no one can live without is the Tube. There is simply no getting around using the Tube from time to time. It can help save money and lessen the headaches of commuting to and from work.

So, what other technological advances can help your London experience?

One word. Apps. It’s all about the apps.


1 – The Visit London

This is London’s official app and has great information. You can find amazing things to do and see while in the city. There are even offline maps available, and the application has discounts and deals on all sorts of things.

You can even book seats or purchase tickets directly through the app and the lists it provides can all be completely customized to show only those events and attractions you’d like to see. These are some of the things you can expect to see on the app:

  • Cheap places to eat
  • Top markets
  • Free Attractions
  • The best things to check out this weekend

The app is free and available for Android and iOS.


2 – The Oyster App

The masses that flock to and from London on a daily basis all treasure their Oyster Card and why shouldn’t they? Commuting could drive them mad without the card.
The Oyster app is a step up in technology and makes commuting even more convenient than ever. These are some of the functions you can enjoy through the app:

  • Purchase passes in the app
  • Top your credit as you go
  • Check your journeys, tickets, payments and more
  • Notifications for important events will alert you. These are completely customizable, too.

The Oyster App is available for both iOS and Android.


3 – The Regent Street App

Have you ever wondered what having a personal shopper in your pocket would be like? Well, wonder no more. The Regent Street App does just that. In a city the size of London, it’s always good to have a helper on hand.

This app learns your shopping preferences and interests and will offer exclusive deals and secret invitations for sales and other store events.

This app is available on iTunes


4 – Wriggle

It’s no secret that London is expensive. A trip to the pub, a café, or a restaurant can all take a dent out of your wallet. With Wriggle, bargains will be sent directly to your phone and give you exclusive deals and savings. Updates and notifications will always keep you on top of the best deals.

Wriggle is available for both Android and iOS.


5 – The London Coffee Network

What about the rough start to every Londoner’s day? Well, at least with the London Coffee Network, you can start the day with a jolt of caffeine. This app helps support local chains and helps you to gain rewards and bonuses only available on the app. Drinking coffee earns free coffee. How is that not a good deal?

Find the app in both Google Play and Apple App Store.


6 – The UK Bus Checker

So, there’s an app known as the Tube Map,, which is absolutely necessary for anyone riding the Tube. Well, some smart guy considered doing the same thing for the buses. Knowing the bus schedules and where the stops are can help ease commuter’s aggravation.

This app is for both Android and iOS.


7 – Dice

This app is perfect for anyone with an inner music maniac who does not want to spend big bucks on tickets. It’s available in both iOS and Android. The app is clutter-free, with great offers hand-picked by industry professionals. Thank me later.


8 – Dark Sky

The saying is true. If you don’t like the weather in London, wait five minutes and it’ll change. And while that’s all well and good, wouldn’t it be nice to know when the stupid weather would change? Of course, it would.

That’s where Dark Sky comes into play. With this app, there will be no getting caught in the rain without an umbrella.

This app is available for iPhones and iPads.


9 – ATM Hunter

Just like it says, this app helps you hunt down the ever-elusive ATM machine so your night won’t have to end early. It should be noted that this app does not keep you from overspending, so use it cautiously.

The app is available on iOS.


10 – Pretty Much Any Gaming App You Fancy

Okay, this might be a cop-out for a tenth app, but it’s a good tip. Tube and bus rides can be both long and boring. Playing a fun game on your phone or iPad can make the time pass quickly.


Bonus – Tube Map

Yeah, I know. You guilted me into adding a bonus app because of the gaming app suggestion. So, here it is. A bonus app. It’s called the Tube Map and shows all the different Tube tunnels and stops available. This app is intuitive and helps you find the best stops and whether it is running on time or not. There’s no way to get lost using this app. Unless you’re reading it upside down.

The app is simple to understand and available for both iOS and Android phones.


Well, there you have it. Ten apps to help ease you into the life of a Londoner.

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