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Companies Hiring in London

While there is always a mysterious ‘they’ spewing recommendations and suggestions, as in ‘They say this is the best’ when ‘they’ say it’s hard to get a job, ‘they’ have no idea what ‘they’ are talking about and no idea where to look. Wow, that’s a lot of ‘they’. Contact us to learn more about apartment rental agency

There are always jobs available. It’s the way of the world. No matter the city and no matter the people living there. Jobs are everywhere. You have to no what to look to find them.

A lot of companies take to advertising in a variety of mediums. Some of them prefer social media while others prefer the tried-and-true papers of old. Combining various sources and talking with several employment specialists, I’ve come up with this list with the hope that it will help at least one lowly reader out there to find a job.


Founded in 1832, this company has managed to ride the tides of changing tastes and styles and remains relevant in today’s markets for even the ficklest of customers. They boast revenues of close to a billion dollars, toting their slogan “Be exceptional, be Harrods”. Hey, don’t fault them for it, the slogan fits.

Harrods wants to be the world’s leading department store, specializing in luxury brands of all kinds and they are closing in on that very goal. The company not only offers great products at reasonable prices but also provides an enviable working environment. The atmosphere is friendly and casual, which is quite rare for a department store in London. They also stress employees have a balance between work life and home-life.



This company is one of the leading legal services providers in the United Kingdom. They say ‘Success Starts Here’, and they are right. Founded in 1983, the company is headquartered in Manchester, England, and specializes in Employment Law and Safety and Health. They have an incredibly impressive record of helping over 32,000 businesses since their inception. Quite impressive, indeed.

Although applicants need to be well-versed in legal knowledge and HR to land a job with Peninsula, it is more than worth it. The staff benefits are out of this world, not to mention the career opportunities once allowed inside the gilded gates.



Founded in 1872, Unilever is a wonderful company that knows how to be successful in today’s harrowing markets and how to be kind to the environment. Unilever is home to world-renowned brands like Lipton, Axe, Dove, and Knorr. Raking in a cool 10 billion in annual revenue, the employees cite a wonderful work environment rife with benefits.
Those looking to become part of a company that offers a home to more than 400 different brands of products and clients the world over, this is not a company that puts profits above all else, destroying the world around it for the betterment of the bottom line. Now, this company cares about the community and the planet.


Royal London

A privately held company, Royal London specializes in investments, pensions, and mutual life insurance. With a revenue of nearly 5 billion, they are here to stay and ask their customers. There are plenty of them. They have helped more than 6 million customers since their inception in 1861.
It should be noted that Royal London is owned by its customers. There are no shareholders, which means the business and client’s interests remain the same. This company allows the people involved to make a difference, why not be one of them?
Employee benefits are outstanding, as is the office space and overall mood of the office.


Metro Bank

Compared to some of the other companies on this list, Metro Bank is considerably younger and shorter in the tooth. Founded in 2010, this company has done what no one thought possible. Since its inception, this company has revolutionized the British banking system, which was considered an impossibility.

Aiming to top 2 million customers before the end of 2020, they are always looking to improve and expand their reach.

Believe it or not, Metro Bank doesn’t just have customers but has fans of the service. That’s unheard of. A bank with fans?

There are great career opportunities with Metro Bank. Remarkably within the first twelve to eighteen months. 25% of employees are promoted. There are numerous benefits and wonderful office space within which to work.

Metro Bank is always looking for IT specialists, software developers, and fintech engineers to help them stay ahead of the curve of the burgeoning mobile banking wave that is taking the world by storm. If those positions interest you, give them a look.


A company that touts over 13,000 employees on the payroll of 80 million passengers flying to more than 800 different destinations all across the globe, easyJet isn’t done yet. They are just touching the tip of the iceberg as to what they plan on doing. Offering an enviable combination of reasonable cost and great value, easyJet has become more than just another company in the travel industry but a formidable player in the world markets.

The good news is you don’t have to be a pilot to work for them. They are always looking to fill an ever-expanding employee base ranging from data engineers to marketing reps to analysts. They offer incredible travel benefits along with a very competitive wage. Those looking for excitement in their lives with just a touch of free travel should look no further. This could be the company for them.

In Conclusion

So, it looks like ‘they’ were wrong after all, right? Here is a list of companies that are looking to hire today. Look up their information and send in your CV today. The only way to land a job is to apply for a job. Put your best foot forward and reach for the stars. When we do that we are at our best, and anything is possible.

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