Fabulous London Christmas Decoration Trends

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bring home the holiday spirit with these fabulous christmas decoration trends

London Christmas Decorations

Yay, the holiday season is almost here. You can feel the magic in the air, and you can taste the flavor of gingerbread cookies in your mouth. The streets are illuminated by bright lights. The holiday decorations are teasing your inner child from every window. Heck, it even feels like Santa Claus is finally in town. Contact us to learn more about london property rental

But do you feel the Christmas spirit in the one place that matters most – your home? Because if you don’t, it’s time to make the magic happen.

Put on the best of your silly reindeer sweaters. We have some decorating to do!

The color palette

Gold, green, and red are the traditional colors of Christmas. They are the safe bet. Go for them if you are looking for a more classic approach to decorating for the holidays.

That said, these rich, flavorful colors don’t go along too well with this year’s trend for minimalism. Brass, copper, and platinum, paired with cold, strict shades of blue, on the other hand, do.

Yes, they may seem a bit too ascetic for a holiday as grand as Christmas, but that’s only because you haven’t toyed around with the design possibilities they offer. Judging from the stuff I’ve seen on Instagram lately, the combination of blue, brass, and platinum only makes the seemingly simple patterns look much more expensive and tasteful. Luxurious even.

Nostalgia in a vase

The vintage spirit is all the rage all over the world right now. And, frankly, who can blame the people who are eager to revisit their sweet childhood, especially during the ever-so-cheerful holiday season?

You, too, can join the nostalgia squad while making your home the trendiest Christmas treat. Blow the dust off those fancy glass decorations that your parents used when you were little and put them to good use.

Putting them on a Christmas tree would be too trivial, though. A glass vase or even a pretty jar should do the trick just fine. A new place to shine will breathe in life into these old yet beloved balls of joy.

The Christmas tree

What’s the one thing you never knew you missed during the cold winter months?

A rainbow.

There’s something remarkably magical in the simplicity of the spectrum of colors that, when aligned, form an unforgettable visual. Feel free to utilize the power of nature to create a spectacular look on your home’s star of the show – the Christmas tree. Go for different colored bubbles that form an eye-catching gradient from top to bottom, then snap the results and go viral on social media. It’s the simplest recipe for successful photos during this holiday season.

Oh, and don’t forget about a cozy finishing touch – a white knitted blanket that goes under the tree. It will resonate with the colorful decorations, remind you of the fluffy snow you rolled around in to make an angel when you were a child, and will look absolutely dashing in doing so.

A little bit of Christmas shopping

Now that you have some trendy ideas to play around with there is only one question remaining – where does one get all of the Christmassy stuff in London?

Why don’t I give you a hand then?

  • John Lewis. This is one of the finest laces in all of London to get a Christmas tree. I mean, yes, it will be a fake tree, but then again, have you seen the green marvels they are making nowadays? Not only will you get a fluffy, gorgeous tree here, but you will also help nature by not committing to the nationwide tree genocide ritual.
  • Fortnum and Manson. This place is an actual Winter Wonderland during the holiday season and can potentially become your one-stop shop for all things Christmas, from decorations to treats and even cinnamon-flavored tea.
  • Harrods. This is yet another example of a superb holiday shopping experience, although the price tags here aren’t as filled with the spirit of sharing as one might expect. But then again, if you are looking for premium quality, you should be willing to cough up some quid.

Ok, we are all set up now. All that’s left is for you to transform your home into a magical fairytale. Just make sure you don’t forget to brag for a bit on social media. Feel free to share your photos with our community on Facebook and Twitter.

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