Looking for the best relocation to London resources? Where do you start?

Writing a blog about moving to London is easy. Writing a blog about relocation to London resources that is useful and readable is a little more of a challenge. Just this week, we received a comment from a reader of the London Relocation Services blog who asked for more specific information about recruitment in London for accompanying spouses. What was originally intended as a general post about the challenges facing partners and relocation to London, turned into an in depth, useful series of blogs on the subject of relocation jobs.

Feedback is essential to the growth and penetration of an online resource and that’s what London Relocation Services blog is all about: Delivering excellent information for people planning their relocation to London. Hearing from readers about what they want to read on the LRS blog is very important to us.

More attractions? More about moving? London areas and neighborhoods in depth? Banking and finance? Let us know what you’d like to read about and we’ll cover it. Some people have very specific questions and need specific relocation to London resources when they’re planning a move to the UK. Americans moving to London have very different questions to Australians moving to London: Australians know what cricket is all about, for example!



Your Relocation to London Resources in One Place

There is no question that is too silly when you’re planning an international relocation. Your question could help others around the world who are considering moving to London in 2016. If you leave a comment we can either get back to you in person or address your question on a platform that may help other expats. Whether or not you make use of our new personal search portal, and relocation services, we’re happy to answer any questions you have about the moving process, where to find a flat, and how to get things done.


Striving to be the very best London relocation agents, is not about moving as many people as we can, but about offering a comprehensive resource and personal service so you are settled into life in London as fast as possible. It’s about the details of your life that will make a huge difference to the success of your relocation to London.

Would you like to learn about the challenges facing expats on arrival in London? Perhaps more in depth information on the economy and how it compares to your own country? It’s your blog, your relocation to London resources. In fact it’s all about YOU!

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