If you’re moving to London in 2016 for a job or to attend school you should take a look at working through an experienced relocation specialist because:

It will save you time

Moving to London 2016

Depending on which London relocation agency you employ, that is… Be aware that most relocation agencies and freelance relocation agents charge by the day, so it’s in their best interest to spread out their chosen portfolio of properties for you over the course of several days. They may make excuses that it’s only possible to see a few per day, but we are the proof that this isn’t true. If you were to go about it on your own, yes, that’s the case because you’re the one having to make the calls and do the leg work to get to lettings agencies, so on any given day, they will individually only have a handful to show you.

London Relocation Ltd. prides itself on doing all the scheduling for you so that you can view around 20 properties—all to your specifications—in ONE DAY. Our wonderful driver ensures you and our relocation agent get you where you need to be promptly.

It will save you money

If you’re moving to London as a professional and need to start work right away, our one-day service minimizes how much time you need to stay in corporate housing or a hotel. The same applies if you’re a student.

Also, in the instance where you might be flying over to London for a flat-hunting trip in advance of your actual move, you can be guaranteed to find the right place during that time and need not deal with it on your return journey.

It will save you stress

Moving to London relocation specialists

All of the unknowns involved in an international move are overwhelming. If you’re moving from Canada, the U.S., or Australia, you might assume that as long as it’s another English-speaking country, there won’t be any culture shock, but there is, at least to an extent. The London property market works differently than what you may know at home, and even if you’ve visited here, you won’t necessarily be familiar with particular neighborhoods (and you have to know the neighborhood in order to know which lettings agency to visit—they don’t use MLS, i.e. multiple listing systems, so their individual property listings will only represent their immediate vicinity.

Best property search portal in London

It will offer you the best properties out there. Because our property search portal and agency contact list is so extensive, we have further reach than any individual newcomer. Our bookings are also timely—given the rapid turnover of London properties at any point in time. We will have a full portfolio of viewings scheduled for you in advance of your viewing date.

One-Stop Service

Not only do we find your property, we’ll set you up with a UK bank account as well as offer guidance in setting up your utilities. We appreciate that you’re a competent, independent individual, but no one should have to deal with moving alone. We’re here for you to field any and all questions that you have about moving to London in 2016, even if it’s directing you to where to find the answers in case we can’t provide them.

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