How Not To Let London Get The Best Of You

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how not to let london get the best of you

London Get The Best Of You

London is a fascinating town. It has its charm, a magical attraction even. Sadly, there still are times when the magic fades. Especially for those who have just arrived to stay in the capital. Contact us to learn more about london flat to rent

When you first come to London, you are a tourist. You are astonished by the size, the scale, the age-old architecture, and the availability of colors. When you stay here for a while you get carried away into the routine. And with a town as big and busy as London, this routine can become your entire life.

Commuting, work, communing, dinner, sleep. Rinse and repeat tomorrow. And the day after tomorrow. And the day after, that until the weekend finally comes.

What would you do on your weekend? Have fun?

Nope, the odds are you will be managing the chores that have piled up during your busy work week.

This, my friends, is how London gets to you. Don’t worry, though, as this sad period of time is nothing but a stage. A test, if you will. The London is making sure that you are made of Londoner material.

Luckily, if it is a test we are discussing, there is also a way to pass it. Thus I introduce to you my list of neat tips and tricks on how not to let London get the best of you!

The tips

What do Londoners do when the city becomes too lonely or depressing? That’s obviously simple – they get back to the things that helped them fall in love with the place.

  • There are a lot of free museums and galleries in London. I know how much you wanted to visit those, and I also know about the lack of time you’ve experienced: relocation, settling in, getting your job done, and whatnot – all of those are important and time-consuming things. I also know you won’t get any less busy soon. It’s London, for Lord’s sake, so please, be sure to take the time for yourself and visit all those places even if you’ll have to sacrifice a few important meetings.
  • Find a park you like and go for a hike. There are plenty of places to choose from and here’s the thing: you will have a park close to your flat, but the question is whether you like it. If your option is the latter – please invest some time to find a green place that fits your taste. This is especially important to those who work in Central London. You guys have probably forgotten what the grass looks like. No wonder you are a bit depressed. Go to a park. NOW!
  • You’ve never experienced London if you didn’t take the night bus home at 4 AM. Forget your beauty sleep for at least one night, go out, have fun, crawl through as many pubs as possible, and get back home via the bus. This will be a memory of a lifetime for you. I promise.
  • Suck it up. No, I mean it. Things will get better.
  • Don’t forget your voice. It is easy to lose it in the “silence of the crowd”. The fact that everyone else is minding their business shouldn’t stop you from doing the same. If you have something to say or an important call, speak up!
  • Cough when in the tube. As loudly as possible. Why? Just give it a shot and thank me later.
  • People in London aren’t that different. Both Londoners and newcomers experience the same feelings of loneliness and anxiety. Hang out with them more often to help each other out.
  • Three words: Primrose Hill, sunset.
  • Cancel your Netflix subscription even for a month. You’ll see the wonders of show-free Sundays like a newborn. You’ll even think that you finally have all the time in the world, if even for a little while.
  • Invest in good headphones.
  • How much can you say about the weather? If you are still new to London, I’d bet that a sentence or two is your maxima. Master the art of small talk by learning from the natives, as this is one of the best ways to make new friends. Especially at work.
  • Have a walk across the Waterloo Bridge. The sights are breathtaking.
  • Manage your finances better. London is expensive, and the constant rat chase for a paycheck is depressing.
  • Did I tell you that you shouldn’t give up? Just in case – don’t give up=)
  • You are in the capital of exquisite cuisine, even on the street level. I’d never dine in the same place twice if I were you.
  • Try staying away from your phone, especially social media, for a weekend. I know it’s hard, but you should make this effort. It will be worse. Better yet, turn your phone off all at once.
  • The Tube is an endless battle of sweat and cheeks; your personal space is the prize. Fight for it with all you’ve got.
  • Read a book.
  • Watch that movie you’ve wanted to see but never had the time to.
  • Keep on fighting.

That’s it. Staying happy in London is that easy. Just follow the tips from above, or at least some of them, and you’ll see the difference. Feel free to thank me later. Cheers!

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