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spicy drinks gorgeous views check out these 5 amazing rooftop bars in london

London Rooftop Bars

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Alas, it is too cold outside for a chill night out on a rooftop (pun intended). I guess we’ll all have to suck it up and wait for a couple of months.

Or not.

Don’t forget that we are still in London – the capital of opportunities where everything is possible. Especially if it’s a lot of fun.

Take these five amazing rooftop bars and terraces as an example. They’ve swapped ice-cold mojitos for dozens of seasonal mulled wines and are now open for everyone looking to have a great time while adoring the view.

And what about the cold? Who cares when you are having fun?

1. Queen of Hoxton

Queen of Hoxton is a popular club in Shoreditch that’s most loved for its great beats, amazing drinks, and (obviously) an amazing rooftop terrace.

If there’s one thing no one can say about Queen of Hoxton,, the place is cold in winter. Everything from romantic decorations to a great selection of mulled wines and energetic beats is designed to keep your body and soul warm and cozy.

The Queen is also known for loud, driven, themed parties, such as Drag Bingo!, Hip Hop Karaoke, and NSFW (Not Safe For Work), just to name a few. Some of them may sound a bit too wild for one’s taste, but – trust me on this one – each and everyone is worth your attention.

 2. Perloga Paddington

850 seats, 2 bars, a fully heated terrace, and an impressive collection of drinks tucked away in the heart of London? That’s Pergola for you, now open for its second winter season.

Pergola’s combination of numerous national street food kitchens is a foodie’s paradise. MAM, Patty & Bun, Yucatan, Canard, and other indie establishments are enough to keep you fed and energized for an all-day-long party with friends or a lovely date with your significant other.

3. John Lewis’ Rooftop

Did you know frozen fairs took place on the River Thames in the 17th century? John Lewis’ Rooftop is a loving homage to those times.

Come here if you want a sip of fine hot gin, a bite of a freshly baked pie, and literal tons of rooftop skating shenanigans.

What’s on the menu? Freerange pork rolls with stuffing and cranberry, scotch eggs available all day, minced beef and bacon pies, sweet potato pies, mash, chantey carrots, and all kinds of other goodies.


4. Coppa Club

How do you feel about a night out in an igloo on one of London’s most picturesque rooftops? Yes, the Coppa Club Igloos are back in 2018!

The igloos are made from crystal-clear glass, so you can dine in a warm, cozy atmosphere while adoring the lights of the Shard and the Tower Bridge.

Note that not all igloos have dining tables. Some are equipped with armchairs and sofas, making the Club a perfect place for relaxing after a hard day at work.


5. Skylight

Who knew that an old car park is the perfect setting for a rooftop-based garden, an ice rink, and comfy, rustic wooden cabins?

The guys behind Skypark did.

The view alone is worth the £12 entry fee. Top it off with cozy igloos, skating shenanigans, ice hockey, fondue, and warm drinks, and you’ll know why Skypark is a perfect action-packed, fun-filled destination for an unforgettable night out.

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