Just as rare as finding arelocation company that can find your ideal apartment rental in only ONE DAY (*ahem* like London Relocation Services does *ahem*) is finding Mexican food that tastes like what we know and love in North America. There are places out there that purport to serve Mexican or Tex-Mex cuisine (even the pubs will give nachos a go), but unless you do prefer tomato sauce to salsa, kidney beans to black beans, or imitation Doritos to authentic tortilla chips, I advise you listen to us American expats living here who have already sacrificed ourselves to doing the taste-test for you.

I’ve written previously about where to find Mexican food (“London Relocation’s Quest for a Decent Taco: Part Dos,” “Moving from America to London? No Need to Say ‘Adios’ to Chipotle!,” “Dining with London Relocation: Decent Mexican Food, Por Favor??,” and “London Relocation Recommends,” for instance), and now I’ve got another tempting recommendation for you:

The Aztec gods must be smiling down on American-expat-kind these days to deliver unto us a more bountiful harvest of good-tasting Mexican cuisine than in previous years. Tortilla’s approach in particular is California-Mexican cuisine and offers hearty portions of it just like we Yankees like it. It offers a selection of burritos, tacos, fajita wraps, and salad, with a choice of grilled chicken, steak, pork, or veggie fillings. And just like Americans no longer have to “run for the border” to get their Mexican food fix on, American expats in London don’t have to fly home for it either—with SIX London locations, there will hopefully be a Tortilla Mexican Grill restaurant near your new London apartment: Islington, Oxford Circus, Southwark, Leadenhall Market, Canary Wharf, and Hammersmith. Consult your London map and start plotting your commute to North American delights now!

It just goes to show that an international relocation need not mean  giving up all the comforts of home. It’s important and necessary for you to move out of your comfort zone when moving  to London, yes, but it’s nice for the locals here to likewise benefit from our culture—or, in this particular case, our version of what we’ve borrowed from Mexico! 😉


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