Planning your relocation needs to be done with a professional London relocation services company. If you’ve not visited the city before you could find it a challenge to choose a neighborhood after your international relocation.

Neighborhood Amenities

Before moving into your new home, you need to have a good look at the neighborhood to make sure that it provides all of the amenities that are important to you. Relocation is an entirely personal experience and what works for a professional couple may not be suitable at all for a family with children who need to find good schools. International schools tend to be situated in areas that attract a lot of expats, but for Americans moving to London you may choose to live further out of the city in order that you are closer to one of the international schools in the surrounding counties.

Schools are classified according to a zone in the UK. If you live in a certain zone, you will not be able to send your children a school in a different zone, even if that school provides a better standard of education. If you’re planning your relocation o London with school-going children make sure that you discuss your education requirements with your London relocation agents before they start hunting for apartments in unsuitable areas.

Moving with a family also raises other relocation factors. Access to hospitals and emergency services is important if you have young children. Registering at a local doctor is required by law when you arrive in the UK and you’ll want to be able to reach your doctor quickly if you have young children. Not all hospitals have A&E (ER) units. You’ll have to ask your London relocation agents to advise you of suitable hospitals and even specialized children’s hospitals if that is your need. The last thing you want to have to do is trawl the city looking for an emergency room at 3am with a sick child.

Other factors that can influence where you live after relocation to London are: Community activities and centers, libraries and the proximity of shops to your new home.

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